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A few points to judge whether the windows at home can cope with the summer rainy season


With the arrival of summer, heat and rain follow. This is a test for most of the country, a test for the windows you choose in your home.

insulating glass

The use of insulating glass can greatly reduce noise, reduce outdoor noise, create a quiet space, and ensure indoor privacy.

Stable profile


Aluminum profiles are uniquely endowed with their metallic properties, and the stability of the profiles far exceeds that of other non-metallic materials, and the service life of the entire window is guaranteed.

Hardware Accessories

Choosing high-quality hardware is the best choice for the performance of the whole window. It can even be said that the hardware is like the heart to supply energy to other parts.

Proper installation

Compared with other links, the installation process is easily overlooked, but if you want to make the performance of the whole window fully play, it is inseparable from compliant installation and skilled master skills.