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What details should be paid attention to in the acceptance of uPVC windows?


Visual inspection

1. Surface inspection

Look at the gloss of the uPVC windows from a distance to see if there is obvious color difference on the surface; use a ruler to measure the size of the uPVC windows to see if there is any deformation; touch the surface of the uPVC windows at close range to see if there is any deformation Is it smooth and scratch-free.

2. Check the sealing tape

The contact between the sealant strip and the glass and the glass slot should be smooth, without curling or slipping. The pressure line with the sealing strip must be in close contact with the glass. There should be no obvious gap between the pressure line and the window frame profile. The gap should be less than or equal to 1mm.

3. Border inspection

The installation of the uPVC windows frame directly affects the firmness of the uPVC windows. The inspection of the frame should include firmness, flatness, and sealing.

Use a vertical measuring ruler to check the verticality range of the uPVC windows frame. Generally, the allowable deviation of the verticality of the front and side of the uPVC windows frame is 2.5mm, the horizontal allowable deviation of the uPVC windows horizontal frame is 2mm, and the allowable deviation of the uPVC windows horizontal frame elevation is 5mm. The vertical deviation of uPVC windows from the center is 5mm.

uPVC windows lock check

1. uPVC windows lock installation check

First of all, check whether the installation position of the uPVC windows lock is correct, whether it is installed backwards or not, and whether there is any dislocation; finally, shake the uPVC windows lock by hand to see if there is any loose phenomenon.

2. uPVC windows lock usage check

The door lock is repeatedly switched on and off to check whether it can be locked and unlocked smoothly; after the window is locked, push the window by hand to see if it can be locked without sliding.

uPVC windows usage check

This is the final step in the acceptance of the uPVC windows installation. You can shake the uPVC windows back and forth with your hand to see if there is any abnormal noise; switch the uPVC windows with different strengths to see how the uPVC windows are stressed; after closing the uPVC windows, see how the sealing is.