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How to solve the leakage phenomenon of aluminum alloy sliding window?


Aluminum alloy sliding windows are leaking water, which can easily cause the indoor walls to become moldy and black, which affects the normal state and service life of the objects placed by the window, and brings a lot of inconvenience to the owners. When the aluminum alloy sliding window is leaking, we must first find the source of the problem and then take corresponding solutions. The window cannot be disassembled or replaced numbly. So how to solve the leakage phenomenon of sliding window?

The main reason for the leakage of aluminum alloy windows is the aging of aluminum alloy window sealing materials, improper material selection, unreasonable design or construction, resulting in excessive deformation of lap joints, and the separation of sealing materials from the base; The cement joints between the tiles are not dense, and there is a hollow phenomenon in the magnetic sheet. When it rains, the rainwater will enter the wall through the gap of the tiles and penetrate into the inner wall.

The leakage repair method of aluminum alloy sliding window is divided into several major steps for window frame and wall waterproofing:

First: remove some of the sealing materials that are cracked due to aging, clean the sealed parts, and require that the surface be free of oil, dust and other impurities.

Second: use waterproof powder to mix a certain proportion of waterproof sealant, mix it into a waterproof sealant with super strong adhesion, and fill the joint between glass and aluminum alloy tightly.

Third: Use high-quality special glass structural adhesive to repair and compact the cracked and poorly sealed places in local areas. The surface is required to be flat, smooth, smooth, free of nicks and holes.

Fourth: Use structural adhesive to reinforce and seal all the joints between the glass and the aluminum alloy window frame on the original basis to strengthen the density of the glass adhesive and delay the erosion of the glass adhesive due to the erosion of the sun and rain. caused material aging.

The flashing board at the junction of the window frame and the concrete main body should be close to the concrete main body, and the screw caps of the fixing screws and the holes of the concrete screws should be filled with polyurethane sealant, and the base layer should also be specially treated.

Fifth, install the water blocking plate on the inside of the window frame.

The large-area glass structure of the aluminum alloy sliding window has a high degree of lighting, and the simple sliding action can easily realize the exchange of indoor and outdoor environments. When the aluminum alloy sliding window is leaking, you can seek help from professional aluminum alloy door and window installation technicians.