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How to design bay windows?


Flower tea, a reclining chair, a sunny day, a lazy afternoon. Such a leisurely life, how many 9-to-5 urban clans are drunk! Because of this complex, more and more young people like to design a bay window at home, with a large area of ​​glass for lighting and a spacious windowsill, which is beautiful and practical.

As the name implies, it is a floating window. The windows are all made within the vertical plane of the wall. If the window is protruded outside the wall, it becomes a bay window. Designed for room lighting and landscaping, it can generally be rectangular or trapezoidal, protruding from indoors to outdoors, and the height of the window sill is lower than that of ordinary windows.

Bay windows can not only increase the lighting and ventilation functions of the apartment, but also add architectural charm to the facade of the commercial building. Based on this, the calculation of the bay window area has become one of our hot spots.

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1. Functional bay window

If the bay window is not large and the windowsill is high off the ground, it is most suitable for transforming it into a functional space.

For example, if the height of the bay window is exactly equal to the height of the bed, the bed can be placed next to the bay window, and the bay window becomes a bedside table. If you want to expand the storage space, you can design a row of small cabinets under the bay window. If you don't want to put the bed near the window, you can use the bay window as a small storage cabinet or dresser.

"Clamshell" storage

In "Friends", Monica's Christmas gifts for everyone are hidden in the bay window by the window, and her home is a flip-top

In addition to the usual storage items, the bottom of the in-line bay window also provides a comfortable little corner for resting feet.

With the help of shelves, put some gadgets. Connect the nearby space to create a large storage cabinet, where you can put some small flowers and plants. This kind of vertical hidden storage using the side of the bay window can keep the front of the bay window more beautiful, and there will be more storage space!

This is simply an invincible combination! The strong combination of vertical storage body + bottom storage cabinet, the entire wall is fully utilized, not only the storage capacity is huge, but most of them are embedded storage methods. The practicality and aesthetics of the bay window are absolutely correct!

The combination of the overall cabinet at home and the storage cabinet at the bottom of the bay window makes the whole space look harmonious and unified, and the storage space is absolutely sufficient.

The walls are made of shelves to make bookshelves, which makes good use of the small space, while the bay window is enhanced with purple cushions, which integrates into the whole quiet and elegant atmosphere. Not only can be used for placing plants, but also for storage. Then match the bay window cushion to accommodate two people to enjoy the comfortable time in the afternoon at the same time.

The position by the window is also extremely comfortable as an independent reading corner. In my spare time, sitting by the window and reading a book, I feel that the whole person has been sublimated. The bottom or the left and right sides are separated into several storage spaces. The storage of sundries is very powerful. The home is spacious and bright~

Books can be displayed perfectly, and clutter can be perfectly hidden. The combined design not only realizes the diversification of storage functions, but also makes the bay window area more practical and an independent living area.

drawer storage

After the building structure under the bay window is removed, it is a good storage space. Make a chest of drawers at the bottom of a low bay window. If there is a wall at the bay window, you can add a chest of drawers above the wall.

The drawer design is very space-saving, and there are many unexpected and wonderful functions in the hidden small space. The design of drawer storage cabinets is generally shorter than that of vertical storage cabinets, so that the space above the bay window will appear more open.

The hidden handle has a very harmonious design~ Nowadays, many people want the storage space to be as large as possible, so don't let go of every inch of storage space easily!

In addition to simple sundries storage, a design like the one below can also store idle bedding, making it easy to create a small place for a lunch break.

The above methods are all new functions developed by using the wall and the bay window while retaining the original function of the bay window. Let the same space have at least two uses that do not affect each other.

2. Use bay window pads and throw pillows to create a leisure area

If the area of ​​the bay window is large enough, and the lighting, ventilation and vision are all favorable conditions, the bay window can be designed as a multi-functional leisure area.

Watching the busy traffic during the day, and watching the stars at night, even if the pace of life is hurried, it is also possible to slow down and chew carefully.

The bay window, with cushions on it, is a tatami. When no cushion is placed, green plants can be placed on the windowsill to receive moisture from sunlight and air. The left and right sides are packed, it is really a beautiful landscape. However, the disadvantage of this design is that it is easy to accumulate dust.

Such a design is not only conducive to large-area glass lighting, but also retains a spacious window sill, which makes the interior space visually extend. For the house, the bay window is the eye of the sun, where there is a bay window, there is sunshine and hope. Sitting in the spacious and bright living room and enjoying the scenery through the huge bay window, your mood will never be low. Only when you are in a dim environment for a long time will you experience how important a bright bay window is.

Just imagine, on weekends, you don't sleep in, enjoy the morning sun and a cup of tea, comfortable and comfortable! Do not hesitate to design such a bay window, it will not take up too much space, soft benches, small sofas, some decoration, the cozy and comfortable space belongs to you.

With your back against the wall, you can dream in a daze; or place a small coffee table in the middle to complete a small tea room. When friends visit, you can chat or play games while watching the scenery, and the heavy life seems to be rare and easy. Invisibly expand the space, bring good viewing angle and light.

This kind of design generally puts the bay window facing the outdoor scenery or the river scenery, which gives us a broader vision and gives our life a romantic color. There is no need to make major changes in the interior design, as long as you put some effort into the layout, but if the space is not large, it is not recommended to do so.

Large pieces of daylighting glass and spacious window sills give people a broad field of vision, and small surprises and small interests in life are readily available in the blink of an eye.

Use the simplest method to create a sense of openness, simplicity with fashion and naturalness, you can sit here or lie down completely.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows are full of green, and when the sunlight reaches the house through the thick green leaves and transparent glass, it is full of warmth.