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Grasp the new situation of whole house customization


With the gradual expansion of the whole-house customization market, consumers' preference for customized products is also increasing. 8090 Baydee Whole House Green Customization consists of six systems: door system, parapet system, cabinet and wardrobe system, ceiling system, floor system, and soft decoration system to form a whole-house customization system. Provide consumers with a variety of styles and styles of products to meet consumer needs and respond to consumer expectations.

The door system adopts the combination of Songyan + technology, and is extruded into one piece to ensure product quality. A variety of door finishes are available, and various lamination techniques are available. Let consumers be more at ease, more comfortable and more comfortable in the choice of categories, and ensure consumers' future life experience

The retaining wall system is characterized by convenient installation and rapid construction, and is specially built. With the characteristics of green, environmental protection and easy cleaning, it can build a complete home environment. One-piece molding, four-chamber design, super noise reduction, privacy protection, allowing consumers to enjoy a quiet and happy living environment.

The wardrobe system covers the entire interior decoration space, and the styles are customized according to the needs. Through the craftsman-level requirements of high quality, high standards and high craftsmanship, we carry out research and development and production of related products. Whether it is wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, bookcases, lockers, or cabinets, relevant designs can be carried out to achieve consumer-related customization requirements.

There are also ceiling system, floor system, soft decoration system, and the three major systems supplement and improve the customization of 8090 Baydee Whole House Green Customization, and further realize the 8090 Baydee Whole House Green Customization System. Continuously carry out relevant design innovation and technological innovation to ensure the advanced nature of product systems. Adhere to market-centered, consumer-oriented, and update and improve the product system.

8090 Baydee Whole House Green Customizationwill continue to carry out product optimization design, select the best from the best, actively innovate, and get rid of the homogeneous market. Promote industry development, improve market quality, and ensure consumer experience. In the process of adjustment and development of the entire product market environment, 8090 Baydee Whole House Green Customization Furnishing has always adhered to the core product culture of pure heart, cleanness and clean taste, bringing new decoration experience to the industry, the market and consumers.