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What kind of doors and windows are better for villas?


Doors and windows are an important part of villa decoration, and doors and windows that meet the following conditions should be selected for installation:

1. Doors and windows with strong wind pressure resistance

The villa should choose doors and windows with strong wind pressure resistance, which is different from ordinary houses. In bad weather, the villa will be more affected by the wind. It is recommended to choose the window with broken bridge aluminum profile + multi-cavity structure design, which has better impact resistance. powerful.

2. Doors and windows with good sealing performance

The doors and windows of the villa are larger in size. If the sealing performance is not good, the hot and cold air, noise, haze, dust, etc. from the outside are more likely to enter the room through the gap, affecting the normal life of the home. It is recommended to use high-quality sealing strips, such as ternary B The acrylic rubber strip has better sealing performance and can play the role of shielding from wind and rain and isolating noise.

3. Doors and windows with good safety performance

Living in a villa, you can enjoy a high-quality life, but you are also faced with dangers such as burglary and burglary. Therefore, attention should be paid to the improvement of safety performance. For example, 2.0mm super-national standard wall thickness is selected, which has higher strength and safer.

When decorating a villa, it is very important to choose a door and window with strong wind pressure resistance, good sealing and high safety, which can effectively improve the quality of home life.