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What questions do I need to ask when buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


Many customers do not know what to ask when purchasing aluminum windows with broken bridges. They only ask a few important topics such as brand, type, and hardware. There are nearly 10,000 yuan. As customers, how should we consult door and window merchants?

1. What aluminum material is used?

The quality and price of different brands of aluminum are quite different. Some merchants dare not say anything about the aluminum brand, only their own door and window brands. Because many small aluminum brands are low in price and poor in quality, some merchants change the packaging to a higher one. name is on the market.

2.what hardware to choose?

Hardware is very important, you must ask clearly, because many times the aluminum is not broken, but the hardware will have problems after two or three years of use. Do not choose the hardware from the merchant, otherwise the warranty will not be given. Try to choose the brand or the hardware. Imported hardware, if you don't know it, you can search it on Baidu. Don't choose the hardware with the same name as the door and window or the so-called original hardware.

3. The wall thickness of the aluminum profile of the broken bridge and the material of heat insulation strip, sealing strip and glass glue?

For broken bridge aluminum profiles, choose materials that meet the national standard, do not choose non-brand or non-standard materials, and the wall thickness should be at least 1.4 mm or more. Choose PA66 nylon heat insulation strips, doors and windows are basically this standard, sealing strips choose EPDM or elastomer car strips, glass glue brand and whether to charge must be asked clearly, because some businesses charge extra for glue .

4. Are there any other charges

For example, corners, columns, attached frames, spray colors, tempered glass, etc., special emphasis is placed on attaching frames here. Since there are many unscrupulous merchants in the market, when measuring windows for customers, they will require windows to attach frames, and some are necessary. Plus, some can be added or not, but unscrupulous merchants will rigidly require additional boxes, and the cost is not cheap.

There are many cases of stepping on the pit. And many of our friends just focus on avoiding the pitfalls as much as possible in terms of price. In fact, in terms of the broken bridge aluminum material itself, there are many places where it is easy to step on the pit. And at present, it is easy to step on the pit, and I personally think that it is the installation of aluminum windows with broken bridges. Although we spent a lot of money to buy high-quality aluminum windows with broken bridges, the installation did not meet the requirements, which led to water seepage, water leakage, lack of sound insulation, and lack of heat insulation in our broken bridge aluminum windows. Later, supervise the installation in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Only in this way can the quality of good broken bridge aluminum windows be achieved. The editor of Baydee uPVC Profile shared this first issue, see you in the next issue for more door and window knowledge!