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How to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


Recently, many friends are asking me, how to choose soundproof doors and windows? The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows we have seen basically have the effect of sound insulation. If the demand for soundproof broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is particularly high. So let's take a look. Here, the editor of Baydee uPVC Profile gives us a general knowledge of how to soundproof doors and windows.

First of all, when selecting broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, we must look at the structure and have an overall sealed structure. Whether the sound insulation is good or not depends on the structure first. It is mainly reflected in the fact that there are several cavities in it, commonly known as looking at the holes in the material of the doors and windows.

Secondly, it depends on what kind of sealing method is used. Generally, the multi-layer sealing method is selected, which will work better. Then see whether the rubber strip is a modified rubber strip. Because of its special softness, the modified rubber strip is connected to the window sash and frame. The post-treatment seal is closer. We can pinch it with our hands to see if the tape is soft.

Thirdly, the entire window needs to be treated with sound insulation, and the glass and profiles are treated, which can effectively improve the function of the window. It is mainly reflected in whether to use laminated glass plus more than 15 amps of glass and whether the profiles are filled with sound insulation cotton. This can effectively improve the sound insulation of doors and windows.

At the end, when installing, it needs to be filled with sound insulation materials, so that the windows that come out are naturally good.