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How to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? What should be paid attention to?


When it comes to doors and windows, most people's choice is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. After all, when decorating, everyone is used to choosing good materials. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are the top of the "doors and windows". But how to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? What should be paid attention to? ...most people don't know much about it.

baydee broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Why are broken bridge aluminum windows recommended? Broken bridge aluminum can make the window have three sealing structures, make it close more tightly, and achieve better water and air separation + water and air balance, and improve the water tightness, air tightness, thermal insulation and bright effect of doors and windows! Moreover, the structure of the broken bridge aluminum window will also make the window seams tightly sealed, and even no noise will be leaked into the room!

In this issue, Baydee Upvc Profiles will explain to you one by one. With years of experience in doors and windows, I have summed up some precautions for aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges. The content is of great reference value. It is recommended that you collect them!

The wider the aluminum structure of the window, the better! When the nylon bridge is widened, this means that the associated insulating glass will also be increased, and then the unstable aluminum will have to withstand heavier glass, so the aluminum will be deformed!

Also pay attention to the quality of the sealing strip! Window seals look very similar, but the difference between good and bad is not small! And pay attention: the sealing strip should not be too soft, this kind of inferior quality will be easily damp and rot! And a good sealing strip will not absorb water and is tougher!

Factory site to see the sample work! Before the measurement, try to go to the factory site to see the sample workmanship, mainly to see the 45-degree angle and the process of waterproof glue.

Glass specification craftsmanship! Generally, home decoration is mostly two layers of hollow 3C tempered glass. The better thermal insulation effect is the three-layer hollow 3C tempered glass, the aluminum bar integrated bending process is better, the hollow glass is filled with an inert gas - argon, the sound insulation and thermal insulation effect is better, and it is not easy to prevent ultraviolet rays and shocks. fog.

Editor’s summary: If your home is also in the decoration stage, and you don’t know much about broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, it is recommended to make a reference. These precautions must be paid attention to.