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How to clean aluminum alloy doors and windows?


When cleaning doors and windows, aluminum alloy is a material property that can be corroded by acid, so when we clean aluminum alloy doors and windows, we must not use acidic cleaners, otherwise, it will be sad if the maintenance is not successful, and it will be corroded. Below, I will share with you a few tips for cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows:

1. What should I do when the aluminum alloy doors and windows accumulate dust? Rinse the glass with water, then wipe clean with a soft scouring pad. What everyone should pay attention to is that when wiping the glass, remember to suck up the water in the chute with a dry towel, and then apply a little wax oil or engine oil for maintenance.

2. How to clean the oil stains on aluminum alloy doors and windows? Now, many friends like to install an aluminum alloy glass door and window in the kitchen to make the kitchen look clean and bright. But it is undeniable that the doors and windows of the kitchen are the easiest to hide dirt. After a period of time without cleaning, the glass has become frosted texture. How to clean it up? You can buy alkaline cleaners (eg: membrane alkaline cleaners) online for cleaning. Remember, never use those acid cleaners advertised online that wipe away in a single spray.

3. How to remove rust on aluminum alloy doors and windows? When the aluminum alloy doors and windows at home have been used for decades, what should I do if the frame is rusted? You can scrub with a little detergent or soapy water. Remember not to use strong acid cleaners, such as detergents or toilet cleaners.

4. How to clean the glue on aluminum alloy doors and windows? Before cleaning, I tore off the New Year pictures pasted on the doors and windows of last year, leaving a large piece of yellow glue. The teenage children in the family are addicted to chasing stars, and they put many posters on the doors and windows. After a year or two, they tore them off, leaving a layer of glue, which somewhat affected the appearance. How to do this? Try scalding it with hot water, or buy a glue remover (alkaline) online to clean it up.