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How to clean the gap between doors and windows?


I believe that the gaps between doors and windows will be filled with dust after a long time in the house you live in, which will cause the switch to be unsmooth. Here are a few tips for cleaning the gaps between doors and windows:

1. Brush. Use small brush tools, such as paint brushes, shoe brushes, toothbrushes, etc., the finer the better, to brush the gaps of doors and windows, just take into account the edges and corners, and smoothly remove the fine dust.

2. White vinegar. Spray some white vinegar in the gaps of the doors and windows, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it with a rag, but it should be noted that aluminum alloy doors and windows should not be in contact with vinegar for too long, because vinegar will slowly corrode the aluminum alloy.

3. Sponge. Cut the sponge into the shape of a track to allow the sponge to better contact the track. Because the sponge is very soft, it can easily penetrate into the gaps of doors and windows, and clean it effortlessly without leaving dirt.

In short, when cleaning the gaps between doors and windows, you can use many inconspicuous small objects in life to play a big role.