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Crown doors and windows | Keep the warmth for you and build a quiet living space


When night falls, you are tired and hurried home. You want to go home and have a good rest to relieve the fatigue of the day. At this time, the murmurs outside the window make you unable to be quiet. All kinds of noises are like "ghosts" everywhere, causing great interference to our normal life and rest.

It is the wish of many modern urbanites to get away from the busy work and noisy life, put the beauty of peace and quiet at home, get rid of the fatigue of life, and indulge in a peaceful state of mind. The doors and windows of the Crown system will guard the warmth for you, build a quiet living space, and create a "five constant" comfortable life for you.

Crown Doors and Windows Seiko manufactures high-quality doors and windows, allowing you to feel the warmth of home, the beauty of life, and the comfortable life of a prosperous city.

In the selection of raw materials, Crown doors and windows combine their own advantages to comply with the higher requirements of current health and environmental protection, and use polymer composite materials, which have the advantages of zero formaldehyde and recyclability, and imported equipment from Europe to achieve higher-precision processing and production ;

Using self-deep processing tempered energy-saving insulating glass, coupled with the continuous upgrading of sound insulation technology, according to the characteristics of sound transmission, the multi-chamber internal structure design of the window can effectively reduce the decibel of the noise.


The whole window adopts aviation-grade sealing tape, multi-channel flexible sealing system design, super sealing performance, forming the same vertical isothermal cavity, improving the performance of heat insulation, airtightness, watertightness and sound insulation of the whole window, environmental protection and low energy consumption, No fear of wind and rain, but also escort for the safety of home life.


Opening the window is a happy family, full of warm laughter and laughter,

When the window is closed, the whole family is safe and quiet, enjoying the privacy of the alone space.

Open and close, keep quiet, keep warmth,

The doors and windows of the Crown system are ingeniously crafted and dedicated to guarding a quiet and comfortable home for you.