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Crown Doors and Windows | Guard a beautiful home and make a comfortable life within reach


A beautiful residence carries not only a simple house, but also our dedication to life and our and even our family’s yearning for a better life; and a high-performance door and window embodies our protection of our home .


The core of an ideal house is to live comfortably, with practical safety in the details. It's like people like high-end hotels. In fact, they are satisfied that the meticulous details and services in the hotel give people a full sense of security. The same is true for the doors and windows, which are the main components of the exterior facade of the house. They need to have high performance and high appearance to satisfy the comfortable experience of our house.



Problems such as safety hazards, noise pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction, which appear on doors and windows, are related to our daily life. From now on, choose a good door and window for yourself and your family.



There is a kind of comfort,
The doors and windows called Crown are very reassuring!

A truly attentive door and window brand, in addition to the product itself, will definitely put the comfort experience of the family in the first place. The doors and windows of the Keraon system inherit the ingenious craftsmanship endowed by the concept of energy-saving doors and windows, deeply consider the family's desire for comfort, integrate product quality and detail control into doors and windows, and substitute them into life to protect the comfort of every family.



The occasional thunderstorms in summer and autumn have never been a small test for travel, houses, and doors and windows.

In rainy days, it will leak, and the seal is poor and often seeps. At this time, comfortable living experience is equated with high-quality doors and windows.



The doors and windows of the Crown system are made of polymer composite profiles, which have the characteristics of natural moisture resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and longer service life. The internal and external dislocation drainage structure of doors and windows is equipped with a patented water-expanding rubber strip, and has an independent drainage cavity to ensure that rainwater will not enter the room through the doors and windows.

There is a kind of reassurance,
Let the children's daily life not worry!

The safety of children is the expectation of parents. All parents hope that their children can live a safe and healthy life at home. The doors and windows of the Crown system open inward and turn inward, and the hardware can be matched with child safety locks to reduce the danger of children opening windows by mistake when they are alone at home.


The doors and windows of the Keraoen system are made of self-deep-processed tempered insulating glass, which is not suitable for breaking, and has a significant energy saving effect, which provides a guarantee for creating a comfortable and safe home life.




In the past, the reason for choosing a door and window for the house was always so simple and fulfilling, maybe it was just a daily shelter from the wind and rain, but now a good window has gradually become a necessity of life. A good window must be the trinity of safety, comfort and beauty, in order to escort our quality and comfortable life.