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How to disassemble uPVC windows&doors?


1. Move the uPVC windows fan out of the uPVC windows track

First of all, we need to push the two uPVC windows together and overlap, hold the uPVC windows fan on the outside with both hands, lift it up with force, and then slightly outward, move the lower part of the uPVC windows fan out of the uPVC windows rail, then the hand Hold the uPVC windows fan down and forcefully, the upper part of the uPVC windows fan will come out of the uPVC windows frame.

2. Remove the uPVC windows fan

Take off the uPVC windows fan on the inside and the uPVC windows fan on the outside, it is more convenient to remove. When disassembling the uPVC windows fan, pay attention to safety. In order to prevent falling out of hand, it is best to cooperate with two people.

uPVC windows&doors disassembly precautions

1. Observe the anti-theft board on the side of the uPVC windows fan more

Sometimes the uPVC windows fan may not be lifted, because the plastic strip on the side is restricted, you can carefully observe the grooves up and down the side of the uPVC windows fan, this plastic strip is also called the anti-theft board, it is a plastic clip card On the top, you can use a screwdriver to gently pry it down along the gap, and the uPVC windows fan can be removed.

2. uPVC windows have locks, remove the locks first

If there is a uPVC windows lock blocking it, remove the lock first.

3. Pay attention to the protruding objects above the uPVC windows frame

In addition, there is a protruding object in the slot on the top of the uPVC windows frame, it may also block the uPVC windows fan and cannot be removed. The function of this object is a limit, which is fixed with screws and can also be removed. But it's mounted on the side and shouldn't be able to touch it.

How to change glass for uPVC windows&doors

First remove the broken glass: use a greasy knife or a thin blade to remove the glass bead first, remove the two long bead, then remove the two short ones, and finally take off the double glass to clean up the debris. Be careful not to hurt the contact surface of the sealing strip sandwiched in the middle, just insert it with a greasy knife and cut it.


Replacement of new glass: Clean the new glass, and at the same time clean the inner surface of the original layer of glass, otherwise it will not be wiped after installation. Clean the contact surface of the sealing strip, put the glass in place, make sure there is no sundries and dust inside, and seal it with glass glue.


Reinstalling the glass: After the glass glue is 80% dry, put the double-layer glass back in. Contrary to the time of dismantling, first install the short bead, and then install the long bead. Then polish the glass, replace the uPVC windows&doors glass and you are done.