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8 truths hidden behind door and window decoration


For those who are renovating for the first time, as soon as they want to buy doors and windows, they will always encounter that they cannot understand the nouns and craftsmanship. If the installed doors and windows are not suitable for their own home, the later use will greatly reduce the comfort. Today, Baydee is here to analyze the 8 hidden truths behind door and window decoration, so that your door and window decoration will not step on the pit.

Number1: The bigger the broken bridge aluminum series, the better?

At present, the product series of mainstream broken bridge aluminum manufacturers on the market are (60, 70, 82, 98, 108, etc.), and this type of model refers to the width of the profile (65 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, etc.), and the series numbers increase. Big does not mean the improvement of performance, it can only mean that the profile becomes wider or the function is increased.

Number2: Safety of glass

General door and window glass commonly used are single-layer glass, laminated glass, vacuum glass, insulating glass

Laminated glass: It is a composite glass product made of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer interlayers sandwiched between them. On PVB film, glass slag will not fall off.

Three-glass two-chamber for insulating glass: the biggest function of insulating glass is heat insulation, and it is generally standard with a double-layer single-chamber. Three-glass two-chamber is equivalent to an upgraded version of insulating glass. For homes with long-term air conditioning in summer, adding three-glass two-chamber is more cost-effective.

The use of door and window glass should be within the load-bearing range of the frame, and the thickness of tempered glass is usually more than 5mm, which is more resistant to compression and impact, ensuring the safety of doors and windows. If you need a large area of ​​panoramic doors and windows with glass, you can use laminated glass. The impact resistance of laminated glass is about 5 times stronger than that of tempered glass.

Number3: Height of door and window handles

The windows at home are not tailor-made for one person. Some door and window designs lack details. They don’t pay attention to the height of the windowsill and the user’s situation, and directly design the handle in the center. After installation, you will find that it is very inconvenient to open and close the window. The height of the handle is only a small detail of the practicality of doors and windows, but the height of the window sill, the height of the window operator, and the convenient direction should also be fully considered.

Therefore, the principle of determining this height is to make it comfortable for as many people as possible, then it depends on the distribution density of the elbow joint height size. Adjust the comfort down 10-20cm.

Number4: The difference between the order size of doors and windows and the size of openings

The door and window installation needs to leave a gap between the wall and the window frame. The width and height of the order size of the door and window are generally 1~4 cm smaller than the size of the opening. Regarding the size on the quotation: use the size of the hole or the size of the order to make the quotation. Different regions have different choices or habits. Therefore, when there are many doors and windows installed in the home, it is best to ask the size first, especially when you encounter a business whose door and window price is lower than that of the same kind, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can buy a ruler and roughly calculate the area of ​​the opening.

Number5: the choice of insulation strips

When choosing door and window products, thermal insulation strips are very important! If the height of the insulation cavity is large, it is necessary to add insulation cotton in the insulation cavity to prevent the formation of gas flow in the insulation cavity and bring heat transfer. Otherwise, the wider the insulation strip, the worse the insulation effect. .

At present, there are mainly two kinds of thermal insulation strips used in broken bridge aluminum doors and windows on the market, one is PA66GF25 thermal insulation strip, and the other is PVC thermal insulation strip.

PA66GF25 thermal insulation strip: PA66 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloys. It has a high melting point, excellent heat resistance and self-extinguishing properties. High-end system windows use PA66 thermal insulation strips. The words PA66GF25 can be seen on the aluminum cross section.
PVC heat insulation strip: The main raw material is PVC resin powder plus 25% calcium carbonate. The PVC insulation strips look smooth, smooth, and the color is reversed, and the two can be clearly distinguished when they are compared together.

Number6: Invisible screen and diamond mesh screen

Invisible screen window is made of aluminum alloy frame, glass fiber material, gauze, etc. It has been in the decoration market for many years. Invisible screen window is still ideal for indoor ventilation and outdoor landscape, which can play the effect of mosquito prevention and ventilation. But it has no protective effect. If there are children at home, it is not safe to install a single invisible screen.

The diamond mesh screen can not only prevent mosquitoes, protect, and prevent thieves, but also has the characteristics of high strength, long service life, and not easy to rust. Its service life is generally more than fifteen years. Cut, the anti-theft effect is naturally better.

Number7: The conversion box of the outward opening window

In some communities, it is stipulated to use outward-opening windows. The outward-opening window conversion frame is a very hidden hidden addition in doors and windows. When a window has both a fixed window and an outward-opening sash, the conventional method can only make the glass of the fixed window open. Installed outdoors, because it can save a circle of adapter frames, a fan can save tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, but the fixed window is equipped with anti-theft (especially for those with lower floors), which is convenient and safe to replace the glass (especially Those with higher floors or larger glass area), so it is very simple for home improvement to solve such problems. Use a "conversion frame" to install the pressure line on the fixed frame indoors and everything will be fine, that is, to ensure safety. , and to facilitate the replacement of glass and rubber strips in the future, it is best not to save this money.

Number8: After sales and contracts

Whether the doors and windows are good or not depends not only on the product and installation, but also on the after-sales service. When signing a contract for purchasing doors and windows, you can agree on the after-sales service period, warranty scope, and whether to charge or not. High-end system windows have corresponding manufacturers, which can be found on the Internet, and all include after-sales service.

When the contract is signed, the information of the purchased doors and windows should be stated. The quotation can indicate the product series, hardware configuration, glass configuration, opening fan, area, pricing method, etc. All items that need to be paid should be indicated one by one.

The second is the design drawing. Each size needs to be clearly marked on the design drawing to avoid the size and design of the finished product being installed. It is also necessary to agree on the price and payment method. The payment requirements of each place are not uniform, so agree in advance to avoid disputes.

In terms of delivery, construction period, installation and acceptance, the agreed construction period is to ensure that the installation of doors and windows can be completed on time without affecting the overall decoration progress. Who will be responsible for the removal of the old windows during installation, and whether the removal will be charged or not, should also be indicated when signing the contract.