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What are the common door and window materials on the market?


With the continuous development of the door and window industry, many types of doors and windows have been born, and some of them have been gradually eliminated. At first the doors and windows were made of wood or cement, but now they have been eliminated. The next step is to enter the era of plastic steel and stainless steel doors and windows, and after the delay of time, it is gradually replaced by aluminum alloy doors and windows. In order to better improve the quality of life, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum wood doors and windows were born. Below, we share several door and window materials currently in the market to see which one is more suitable for you!

1. Plastic steel

In essence, plastic steel is actually a plastic material, a kind of pvc material specially used for making windows, but because the traditional PVC material is not strong enough, the manufacturer will add steel to increase its strength, so this new The material is called plastic steel. Windows made of this material have a very good thermal insulation effect, and the air tightness is often good. Even if it is snowing outside the window, the temperature inside the house can be very well maintained. Moreover, the sound insulation effect of plastic steel windows is also very outstanding. According to scientific research, it can block noise of about 30 decibels. From this aspect, it is quite good, at least it can ensure our normal rest. The plastic steel window has very good water tightness, so there is no need to worry about rainwater splashing in in rainy days, it can be very waterproof and rainproof.

2. Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy, a home improvement building material, is also frequently used for doors and windows. It is a non-ferrous metal structure and is widely used in industry. However, in daily life, if you want to find the shadow of aluminum alloy, you can only see it on doors and windows. The density of this metal material is particularly low, but the strength is relatively high, and the corresponding anti-theft coefficient is relatively high. The doors and windows made of aluminum alloys are very strong and can resist a certain degree of impact without breaking. With this, it is welcomed by many families, but compared with plastic steel doors and windows, the air tightness of aluminum alloys is relatively poor. , this point should be paid attention to when purchasing.

3. Broken bridge aluminum

Many people are very unfamiliar with this metal material, and some even hear it for the first time. In fact, this material is very popular. It can be said to be a high-tech crystallization. From the appearance point of view, it is similar to the ordinary aluminum alloy material, but the actual structure is quite different. The difference between the two is the word “broken bridge” in the broken bridge aluminum. Heat is easily dissipated, and based on this situation, the new material, broken bridge aluminum, is applied.

4.aluminum wood composite doors and windows

With the improvement of people's living comfort and interior decoration requirements, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows have been developed. Aluminum-clad wood doors and windows have good thermal insulation performance and are environmentally friendly. However, the shortage of solid wood materials and the complex manufacturing process make aluminum-wood doors and windows more expensive .

The above are the doors and windows of various materials introduced for you. You must know that different materials have different effects and have their own advantages. When purchasing, you should consider your own economic conditions and the actual situation in your home. Make a purchase, today's sharing is over, see you in the next issue for more door and window knowledge!