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The preciousness of energy-saving uPVC windows


The position of energy-saving uPVC windows in energy-saving systems

Building uPVC windows is the weakest position of building thermal insulation performance. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in order to create a comfortable living environment, indoor cooling or heating methods are becoming more and more common. uPVC windows are used as the surface enclosure of buildings. First, it directly affects the energy-saving performance of buildings. Improving the thermal insulation performance of uPVC windows is the main way to ensure the energy consumption of buildings. Now, the use of energy-saving uPVC windows in buildings has attracted more and more attention.

Energy-saving uPVC windows are not a single use of heat-insulating broken bridge aluminum profiles or Low-E insulating glass energy-saving materials. It is a perfect combination of a system and a comprehensive result of the performance of each link. To measure whether building uPVC windows are energy-saving, three elements should be considered, namely heat convection, heat conduction and heat radiation. From these three elements, energy-saving uPVC windows should pay attention to the following aspects:

Design and selection of profiles

The performance of different profiles is different, mainly because the different thermal conductivity determines the energy consumption of uPVC windows. When choosing a material, the design of the profile section is very important. The thermal insulation strips on the frame and fan material are not on the same side (outdoor or indoor), so that after the hardware fittings are installed, the indoor and outdoor profiles are connected to each other through the metal hardware fittings bypassing the thermal insulation strips, so that the heat is conducted quickly and affects the uPVC Energy saving performance of windows.

glass choice

The loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction and radiation. The glass is mainly thermal radiation loss of energy, so it is necessary to choose a reasonable glass. As far as the southern region is concerned, the southern region belongs to the area with hot summer and warm winter, and the high temperature cycle is long. In the selection of glass, it is not possible to choose transparent glass with good lighting properties as in the severe cold region, but should choose low heat reflection, such as heat reflection coating. Insulating glass and Low-E insulating glass, etc. In response to the needs of different buildings in various places, choose the glass with the corresponding heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient.

Choice of accessories

"Hardware accessories are the heart of uPVC windows, not a supporting role." Hardware accessories play a very important role in energy-saving uPVC windows. They are not only closely related to the airtightness, watertightness and wind pressure resistance of uPVC windows, but also play a role in safety and other performance. very important role.

correct assembly

The previous points are the requirements of uPVC windows components. Reasonable selection of components is very important, and the correct combination of various components into a system is the real energy-saving uPVC windows, so the assembly of uPVC windows is also critical.