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Your guide to escaping the summer

Have you been bothered by the hot weather recently?
Is the sweltering heat in the northern hemisphere starting in July unbearable for you?

The high temperature cooking weather forces us to stay in an air-conditioned room 24 hours a day. I really don’t like the “natural sauna”. The high cooling cost is a large part of the household expenses in summer.
However, many people may have such questions:
Why is the air conditioner in my home weak and slow to cool after it is turned on?
Why is the air-conditioning bill at home more expensive than the one next door?
Where is the problem?
It could be the fault of the doors and windows! The doors and windows of the home are not insulated, the air tightness is poor, and the air-conditioning is lost, not only the cooling is slow, the coolness is reduced, but the air-conditioning cost is also rising!
At this time, a polymer energy-saving door and window with good heat insulation and sealing performance has become a necessity for summer households.
Window frame material is important
The window frame is the backbone of the window. The heat transfer coefficient of the window frame material will also affect the indoor temperature. The performance of the polymer composite profile is better~
Baydee doors and windows system are made of polymer composite profiles, with a very low heat transfer coefficient, only 1/1250 of that of aluminum profiles, and the multi-chamber structure design can effectively block the convection of hot and cold air, saving more than 40% energy than ordinary doors and windows! Originally it took 8 hours to turn on the air conditioner to maintain the indoor temperature, but now it only takes 2 hours.
Doors and windows must be properly sealed
The better the air tightness of doors and windows, the less hot and cold air exchange, and the less impact on room temperature.
Baydee system doors and windows, the whole window sealing system adopts "aviation-grade" EPDM sealing tape + multi-channel sealing design; the door and window frames and the corners of the fan group adopt seamless welding process; European imported hardware brands are tailor-made to ensure that the window frame and When the sashes are closed, the seams are tightly closed to ensure the excellent sealing performance of the doors and windows, avoid the loss of cold air to 
the greatest extent, and maintain the comfortable indoor temperature.
Glass selection is critical
Glass occupies more than 80% of the area of the window, and its performance is also directly related to the performance of the entire window. The doors and windows of the Keraoen system use a combination of hollow + Low-E low-emissivity glass. The hollow glass has excellent thermal insulation properties and can effectively block solar heat; while Low-E glass can reflect most of the light radiation and reduce the thermal radiation entering the room. can. These two glass combinations are also the most important glass combinations currently used in high-end building facades, with excellent performance.
Window shading should be done
The high temperature dominates the screen, and the high-intensity ultraviolet rays strike. In addition to heat insulation, the "shading and sun protection" of windows is also very important. In summer, the sunshine is long, and the high-intensity ultraviolet sunlight penetrates the glass directly into the room, making the indoor temperature continue to rise.
Baydee built-in blinds combine traditional blinds and insulating glass into one, saving space, insulating and shading, and adjusting the light at will. Its internal louvers are also made of heat-insulating materials, which can withstand the heat outdoors in summer and the cold in winter, so it plays a certain role in regulating the indoor temperature.
When the summer is the hottest, for friends who like to stay at home, a cool and comfortable indoor environment is more important than anything else! Keraoen doors and windows create a cool and comfortable indoor environment, block the high temperature for you, turn on the cool mode, and create a summer "summer resort"!