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Composition and installation of floor spring doors, common faults and maintenance of floor spring doors


Abstract: The floor spring is a hydraulic door closer, except that the device for compressing the spring is a worm gear instead of a rack and pinion. Because the worm gear can rotate forward and reverse, the floor spring can be used for doors that open in both directions, while the door closer can only be used for doors that open in one direction. The technical key of the floor spring is the load-bearing seat under the main shaft, which determines the load-bearing level of the floor spring. The method of installing the floor spring door is very simple. First, draw a line so that the center of the floor spring shaft coincides with the door clip shaft, and then drill holes in the ground according to the instructions and the actual object... Read on for details!

The composition of the floor spring door

1. Automatic door track

Made of high-strength, wear-resistant aluminum. It can be cut easily, and even in places with various opening widths such as shops, it can be adjusted on site and installed with an optimal size. The base unit length is 2.5 meters.

2. Automatic door controller

Pull the detection signal of the sensor or other signal switch, drive the motor, and control the door body to move in an appropriate way.

3. Automatic door motor

A DC brushless motor with small size and high power is used to reduce the speed of the high-speed gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, and then drive the synchronous belt.

4. Automatic door sensor

Signal to open the automatic door when someone enters or exits the automatic door.

5. Automatic door belt tensioner parts

The constant tension belt tensioner is used to adjust the tension of the belt, and the constant belt adjustment device maintains the constant tension of the synchronous toothed belt.

6. Automatic door hanging wheel

All adopt the adjustable structure, the hanger parts are stamped and formed by cold-rolled steel plate, and the guide wheel made of special material is installed on the hanger, which moves along the arc surface on the track.

Terminal blocks for automatic doors.

7. Automatic door belt

A synchronous toothed belt with high transmission efficiency is selected to connect with the hanger to drive the door leaf movement.

Floor spring door installation method

1. Draw a line so that the center of the floor spring shaft coincides with the door clip shaft.

2. Open holes on the ground according to the instructions and the actual objects. The size of the holes should be tightly matched with the floor spring shell and cannot be loosened.

3. Put the floor spring into the opened hole and straighten it.

4. Lift the door leaf with the door clip installed, and insert the rotating shaft of the floor spring into the rotating shaft hole of the door leaf.

5. Adjust the screws in the three directions of the floor spring to keep the door leaf vertical and coincide with the vertical rotation axis.

6. Adjust the speed of closing the door.

7. Cover the floor spring decorative cover.

Note: The installation accuracy of the floor spring has a great influence on its service life. The quality defects of floor springs mainly include: body oil leakage and ground shaft eccentricity. The oil leakage of the body is caused by the casting process of the floor spring. If sand holes are formed during the casting process, the internal hydraulic pressure of the body will increase after installation, resulting in oil leakage. The eccentricity of the ground axis can cause the door body to deviate from the centerline of the door leaf after installation. Although some quality defects can be made up for by adjusting the position of the body, it is best to contact the manufacturer for replacement. The end of the service life of the floor spring is oil leakage from the axis and weakening of the elastic force. If the connection between the axis of the sky axis and the axis of the floor spring is not strictly perpendicular to the ground, the movement of the door leaf will bring a huge torque to the floor spring, increasing the axis of the axis. Wear between the bearing and the shaft eventually leads to oil leakage from the shaft. It is inevitable that the spring will weaken after long-term stretching exercise.

Common faults and maintenance of floor spring doors

1. The door is not closed tightly

Solution: Check whether the door clip is loose, and it can be solved by padding a few cushions appropriately. If the door clip is damaged, go to the store to make a new one. Generally speaking, these accidents are caused by the glass door. body.

2. There is a sound when the door is closed

Solution: If you hear a tooth-sick friction sound when closing the door, it is likely that the internal spring is damaged. The repair method is to remove the cover and check the internal situation. If the spring is broken , to replace the spring again, but this operation is more difficult, and it is not recommended to solve it by yourself.

3. Door drooping

Solution: No matter how things are used for a long time, the tolerance will be saturated. If the door body sags, it is not a big problem. Generally speaking, the bearing capacity of the spring has reached the limit and there is strain, or the internal part-time job There is a problem with the parts. If you have used it for a long time, it is recommended not to repair it, because it is not a strange phenomenon that many low-quality floor springs have problems after ten years. It is recommended to buy a new one of the same brand and model. The groove pit is still there, and it is more convenient to install.