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What kind of floor-to-ceiling windows can turn a home into a star hotel in seconds?


What is the impression of star hotel decoration? Luxurious interior, complete equipment, thoughtful layout...Although these can bring people an experience different from home, it is difficult for you to replicate it into your own home.

First of all, the home needs to be big, and secondly, high-end designers and custom furniture are needed... The most important thing is that you have to be rich.

Of course, this is not absolute. If your balcony happens to be part of the room, then making a floor-to-ceiling window with a sense of design will definitely make your home instantly more advanced.

Next, Baydee will talk about the design and product details of home improvement floor-to-ceiling windows:

01 The difference between hotel and home decoration floor-to-ceiling windows

Before discussing the design details of floor-to-ceiling windows, let’s talk about two design differences between floor-to-ceiling windows for home decoration and floor-to-ceiling windows for star-rated hotels: floor-to-ceiling windows for home decoration should not be fully enclosed, "only landscape transparency theory", but ventilation and ventilation should also be considered , Cleaning, and try our best to achieve "practical aesthetic design" with both visual perception and comfort.

As well as the "coldness" inherent in star hotel buildings and the unique "warmth" of homes, that is, the interior space layout needs to be considered in advance when designing floor-to-ceiling windows for home decoration.

02 What design details can make the floor-to-ceiling windows at home have a better look and feel

Baydee came up with these 5 floor-to-ceiling window design suggestions:

1. Window frame and glass design 2. Waist line position 3. Window opening design 4. Precautions for lower frame 5. Color types of window frame

1. The old-fashioned matts affect the perception

If you compare it with the previous pictures, do you immediately feel that the decoration of this family is a bit vain. The position of such a large floor-to-ceiling window is forcibly separated by the window frame, which is a bit downgraded.

So how to reduce the window frame area, thereby increasing the glass area? Here are two examples from Baydee that will work for most families:

"Large glass + small window" and "Small window + large glass + small window"

In this way, the landscape and ventilation are both correct.

2. The waistline position should not be too high

Generally speaking, the waistline height of doors and windows is between 1 m and 1.1 m, which is the height of the person who opened the window. The window height should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the appearance.

The position of the waistline is much higher than the table at first glance. At this time, egalitarianism does not work.

3. There is no need to open too many windows, and the window opening position needs to be convenient

There is a misunderstanding in many home improvement doors and windows: it does not mean that the more windows you open, the better the ventilation. We generally think that the area of the opening fan is not less than 8% of the floor area of the room. 10 %, and higher than 0.6 m.)

That is to say, opening one door in the room and two in the living room can generally meet the daily ventilation needs.

You can open one window or two windows if you like. But as long as it is not the kind of super-large balcony for washing and drying, the frantic window opening behavior above is not advisable (of course the door and window owner must like it, and you need to charge more for opening an extra window).

4. The lower border cannot be blocked

Although this is a small detail, it is related to whether the glass can be replaced smoothly in the future. Inadvertently during decoration, some countertops will cover the lower frame of the floor-to-ceiling windows, so future maintenance (glass replacement, etc.) will cause unnecessary wall damage.

5. The color of the window frame is more than gray and white

Finally, let's talk about the color of the window frame. In addition to being forced to choose the color of the doors and windows at home to be similar to the facade of the community, you may need to know that the aluminum profiles on both sides of the broken bridge can be freely chosen.

The inner profile can choose the color that matches the interior decoration.

03 What product details can make the floor-to-ceiling windows at home have a better experience

In addition to some design details of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the home are different from those in the hotel, there are two product details that can make the floor-to-ceiling windows in the home have a better experience:

Thermal insulation and safety performance

These two points can be considered in three steps, the selection of profiles, glass and construction team:

In terms of profiles: In addition to considering heat-insulating profiles (broken bridge aluminum, aluminum wood, etc.), appropriately increase the profile thickness, and choose 60, 70 and other series (series description: 60 means that the profile thickness is between 60 mm -64 mm)

Glass: tempered insulating glass with Low-E film and laminated insulating glass (Low-E film can also be added) is the best choice for floor-to-ceiling glass. Glass coated with Low-E film can greatly improve the ability of glass to reflect heat energy, thereby improving the thermal insulation effect.

The outstanding point of the laminated insulating glass is the laminate, which has a better effect in sound insulation and can also ensure safety in extreme cases (the laminated glass is broken, the glass will not fall off for a while, and it also has a certain degree of protection. Function).

Construction team: Needless to say the importance of the construction team, good construction is the most important part to ensure the function of doors and windows.