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Choose high-performance windows to build an ideal home life!


Windows are directly related to the indoor temperature, humidity and quietness. Therefore, the comfort of a modern home environment depends to a large extent on whether the home has installed doors and windows with good performance. Especially in the past two years, the epidemic has occurred frequently. We spend a lot more time at home than usual, and have a deeper understanding of indoor living comfort.


At this time, the residents living in the old community were troubled by the many problems caused by the old windows: the house was as cold as an ice cellar in winter, and as hot as a steamer in summer; the outdoor noise was endless day and night, and in rainy weather, the doors and windows sometimes seeped water.

Good doors and windows last a lifetime,


Therefore, you must look at the quality and performance of the product before choosing doors and windows.

The most important performance of doors and windows is thermal insulation and sound insulation. Thermal insulation is often referred to as the K value of doors and windows. The lower the K value, the stronger the thermal insulation performance of the window.

The polymer profile itself has the advantages of ultra-low heat transfer coefficient, zero formaldehyde, and recyclability, so it is a natural thermal insulation material.Moreover, they are all multi-chamber structures. The more chambers there are, the more cold and hot air and the transmission of noise will be weakened layer by layer, and the better the thermal insulation of the whole window will be.The minimum K value of the doors and windows of the CROWN system can be 0.59.

The most intuitive feeling it brings to us is that it can effectively block the exchange of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air, keep the air conditioner out of the window in winter, lock the room to cool in summer, and in seasons with a large temperature difference between day and night, the windows will not freeze or fog.


Constant temperature in all seasons
Comfortable and livable

Another performance of doors and windows is sound insulation and noise reduction.

With the development of cities, construction and traffic noise have increasingly become a hidden danger to people's lives and health. The doors and windows of the CROWN system are equipped with multi-layer hollow tempered glass as standard, and the interior is filled with inert gas, which can effectively isolate the noise of more than 40 decibels.

Sound insulation and noise reduction
layer by layer reduction

The moment you close the window, your home is the most peaceful and comfortable place. Whether it is a babbling baby, an elderly parent, or yourself working hard in the workplace, you can get the best quality sleep and the most complete relaxation in tranquility.

CROWN system doors and windows

More than silent, make your home warmer