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Home renovation|It’s cool for young people to play like this!


When talking about the style of industrial decoration, the editor remembered the very popular TV series-"Struggle" a few years ago. I remember that in the film, a group of passionate young people transformed the abandoned factory into a "heartbreak utopia" in their hearts. Recalling that design, even in the TV series back then, it was considered a very cool style. Putting it in the present words, it is industrial style!

It seems that the industrial wind hasn’t blown very hard, but it is an immortal classic in the hearts of young people: it is like a high-scoring but unpopular literary work, and has a reputation, but this is something you dare not touch corner of.

Today, I will take everyone into this seemingly cold, but with young and beating heart decoration style, maybe you will like it very much.

Industrial style impression

The industrial wind seems cold and detached, but it is very open. It refuses to over-modify, but shows the true self more directly. Many studios, cafes, and restaurants have adopted industrial design, and those who know it will indulge in the rough atmosphere.

Industrial wind originated in the first industrial revolution. The economic conditions of young people only allowed them to find decorative materials from factories and even ruins. Unexpectedly, the style continues to this day, forming a very individual home style.

Element keywords

Color keywords:

The essence of industrial style lies in the stability, calmness and rationality created by the black, white and gray system. Using this simplistic color scheme on a large scale can hit the depths of the soul more than colorful colors. Say goodbye to those fancy colors. Your industrial-style home has begun to take shape.

Material keywords:
Metal/leather/solid wood

Although the industrial style is extremely simple, it also pursues the freedom and balance of living.
Some logs are added to the black, white and gray system to make the space casual, without uncomfortable restraint. Metal and leather are also one of the main decorative materials in the industrial style. The exposed pipes or casual leather sofas, hard texture and smooth lines make the whole space more powerful and powerful.

Style keywords:

Industrial style has made great efforts to show the natural and primitive appearance of the space, but the more decorated brick or cement walls, retro small objects, minimalist style stairs or indoor doors and windows, etc., the more casual the more unruly and youthful attitude is revealed.

Design keywords:
Hidden mystery/full sense of design

The industrial style looks rough, but in fact it is very delicate.
The minimalist style has made the most of the use of space. Sometimes behind a thin metal door is an excellent storage space. Many young people have an attitude of “simplifying the complex” to the trivial life; there are also stairs without too much decoration. Can show the personality of the owner simply and directly.

Suitable crowd

Industrial style is suitable for young people with more ideas and attitudes.
Its cold and rough appearance is fascinating, but it also has certain challenges. Industrial style can often be seen in film and television dramas, and actor Jing Boran once appeared in magazines because of his industrial style home.
This decoration style is simple and straightforward, classic and durable, and will be an enduring popular style.

The birth of industrial style has unmodified original color texture and rough taste, but if you want to create a styled and livable home, you must start with the details.

Crown upvc doors and windows help you achieve the ultimate in "industrial style" from the details. You can choose metal dark gray or simple doors and windows with solid wood color system, focusing on thermal insulation, energy saving, mute and other functions to create personality and quality for you A sense of home life!

Industrial style comes into the home improvement, it is a big change to the ordinary home improvement style, do you like this style?