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How to clean sliding doors and windows?


How to maintain and clean the aluminum alloy sliding door?

In today's decoration, sliding doors are generally used. The advantage of this is that it can better separate the space and also has a good decorative effect. However, we have many problems in daily maintenance. Let's take a look at the sliding door. How to protect it.

Sliding door maintenance

1. Cleaning method of sliding door panel

The door panel is related to the face of the entire sliding door. A neat and bright door panel will make the sliding door in your home look high, so the cleaning of the door panel cannot be ignored. Usually, you can use a soft and dry cotton cloth or silk to scrub the door panel, and pay attention to prevent scratching the surface of the door panel. If there are serious stains on the inner door panel, you can use neutral detergent or special detergent to clean up the stain, and then dry it with a cotton cloth; for the slight scratches on the surface of the door panel, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to scrub repeatedly. .

2. Cleaning method of sliding door frame

The frame of the sliding door is generally made of metal materials, and the frame of the sliding door should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth for daily cleaning. If you use water to clean the sliding door frame, you should wring out the rag as much as possible to prevent rusting or damage to the metal surface and affect the beauty of the sliding door.

3. Sliding door track cleaning method

The bottom rail of the sliding door simply accumulates dust, which directly affects the sliding of the bottom wheel, thereby affecting the service life of the sliding door. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust accumulated on the bottom rail, and use a rag dipped in water to clean the corners and use a pure cotton cloth. Wipe dry. The maintenance of everything is exquisite, and the sliding door is no exception. If you operate blindly, it will inevitably reduce the use of the sliding door, so keep in mind that the cleaning operation of the sliding door cannot be ignored.

4. Maintenance method of sliding door pulley

The pulley is the soul of the inner door of the entire sliding door. It can be said that the pulley has a serious effect although it is small. The pulleys of the sliding door are divided into upper and lower pulleys, and the upper and lower pulleys of the brand pulleys use needle roller bearings to slide. For general pulleys, it is best to drip lubricating oil on their sliding parts every six months, so that the sliding door can be used smoothly.
Sliding door and window device

5. Maintenance method of sliding door

Do not shake the sliding door with excessive force to prevent its load from being too heavy; pay attention to prevent sharp objects or gravity from hitting the sliding door body, damage the sliding door and its trajectory, and easily cause usage obstacles. If the door or frame of the sliding door is damaged, you need to contact the manufacturer in time or ask a professional repairman to repair it.