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How to do the sealing treatment of uPVC windows?


When the cold wind hits in winter, when you can better experience the quality of uPVC windows at home, have the windows of your home been sealed? What is meant by window sealing?

Simply put, whether the window is installed with sealing strips and sealants is what further seals the window. What's the difference between the two? Which sealing effect is better?

Sealant is a sealing material that deforms with the shape of the sealing surface, but does not flow easily and has a certain adhesiveness.

It is mainly used to fill the configuration space and gap and play the role of sealing.

The sealing strip plays a role in sealing things so that they cannot be easily opened, and the sealing strip usually refers to the uPVC windows sealing strip, which is mainly used in doors and windows such as plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows and wooden windows. seal.

A product that can play the role of shock absorption, waterproof and dustproof, sound insulation and heat insulation and fixation, and has different materials such as rubber, metal, plastic and paper.

The difference between the two is obvious. The sealant is used for the gap between the window frame and the wall, while the sealing strip is directly used on the periphery of the glass.

There is no conflict between the two in use and function, and it is best to use the two together to better seal.

How to choose the right sealing strip?

1. Smell the smell. Generally speaking, high-quality uPVC windows seals have no smell.

2. Take a look at the appearance, the appearance of high-quality uPVC windows sealing strip is bright and smooth, the color of the section of the sealing strip is similar, and the filler is less.

3. Pull the sealing strip and pull the sealing strip by hand to see the elasticity of the sealing strip. The high-quality sealing strip has good elasticity and can rebound to its original length after being stretched.

4. Learn about the proportion. In order to pursue profit, some businesses fill the uPVC windows sealing strip with talcum powder, heavy calcium and other things, which increases the proportion of the sealing strip products. The elasticity of this uPVC windows sealing strip is not very good. additionally, it also increases the purchase cost

How to install the sealing strip?

1. Before installing the uPVC windows sealing strip, it is necessary to clean the position that needs to be pasted, and carefully remove the sundries, dust, etc. with a rag to ensure the cleanness of the pasting position and the tightness of the uPVC windows sealing strip and the notch when installing.

2. Tear off the tape of the uPVC windows sealing strip, align it with the position to be pasted, and paste it gently.

3. When the uPVC windows sealing strip is installed at the joints at both ends, retract both ends of the sealing strip a little to the middle, leaving a shrinkage margin of 2-3 cm, and then cut the sealing strip.

4. After the sealing strip is pasted, press it gently with your hands to make the self-adhesive of the sealing strip and the uPVC windows close to each other.