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How to install soundproof glass windows correctly?


The soundproof glass window is a double-layer or multi-layer composite structure of laminated glass. The effect of sound insulation lies in the glass film in the middle of the laminated glass. The installation of the soundproof glass window is very special. In life, many people do not know what is correct. Today, Shang Zhe will popularize the installation knowledge of soundproof glass windows with everyone. I hope that through this sharing, everyone can learn it easily.

First, the installation method of soundproof glass windows

This is for the installation of soundproof glass windows with original windows: install a layer of soundproof glass windows with the same appearance directly against the original window, which is equivalent to having two layers of windows after installation; the opening of the soundproof windows can be determined according to the specific conditions of the site. The width of the window, because the sound insulation glass is half heavier than the ordinary insulating glass, if the window width is too large, it is easy to deform the hanging angle, resulting in the failure of the seal, so the opening width of the sound insulation window is 35-65 cm. The width of the window is about 50, 55, 60cm, which is determined according to the specific situation of the site.

Can the original window be removed? It can be dismantled or not. It can have better sound insulation effect without dismantling the original window. It is actually measured that if the original window is not dismantled, it will be quieter by about 2 decibels. But it is generally recommended to do so.

Second, the advantages of soundproof glass windows

1. Good sealing

The excellent sealing performance of the soundproof glass window can block the dirty air from the outside, and enhance the good environment created by "fresh humidification negative ion air conditioner" and "negative ion oxygen bar humidification".

2. Double the life of the original window

The installation of overhead soundproof glass windows behind the original windows greatly reduces the change in indoor temperature, and the service life of the original windows can be doubled.

3. Reduce dust infiltration

The good sealing of the soundproof glass window prevents dust and sand from entering the house, and even small dust and sandstorms cannot penetrate into the room. Effectively protect all kinds of home appliances and reduce the damage of dust to home appliances and furniture. At the same time, the frequency of cleaning is reduced.

4. Block UV rays

Soundproof glass windows can block 99% of the damage to human skin caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun, and can effectively prevent the fading and deterioration of furniture.

5. Good windproof and waterproof performance

Even if water seeps into your first-story windows, the good top-secret properties of soundproof glazing won't allow you to get flooded.

Third,Daily precautions for soundproof glass windows

1. After the soundproof doors and windows are installed, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be torn off in time and wiped clean, otherwise a large amount of the protective film adhesive will remain on the profile, which will be difficult to clean after a long time.

2. On windy days, the soundproof windows and sashes should be closed in time.

3. No heavy objects can be hung on the handle of the casement soundproof window and sash.

4. The casement top-hung window can be opened differently by changing the direction of the switch handle. It is necessary to understand how to operate it to avoid damage.

5. When the sliding soundproof window is in use, the sliding track should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean, so that there is no hard particle material on the surface of the track and in the groove.

6. The plastic-steel soundproof doors and windows are equipped with drainage systems in the window frame, window sash and other parts to ensure the airtight performance and watertight performance of the soundproof doors and windows. Users should not block the drainage holes of the soundproof doors and windows during use, so as not to cause the doors and windows to drain. Performance drops.

7. When pushing and pulling soundproof windows, the force point should be in the middle or lower position of the window sash. Do not use too much force when pushing and pulling, so as not to reduce the service life of the window sash.

8. The gauze fan can remove the glue strip fixing the gauze by itself, take off the gauze, and wash it with water-soluble detergent respectively.

9. When the screen fan of the push-pull soundproof window is in use, please pay attention to coincide with the vertical frame of the inner rail push-pull fan, so as to maintain a good sealing performance.

The above is the summary of the installation of soundproof glass windows, the advantages of soundproof glass windows and the daily use precautions summarized by Baydee editor.