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What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing three-way diamond mesh screens at home


The hot summer is the season when mosquitoes are rampant. For this reason, many families have chosen to install screens on the doors and windows of their homes. In the screen window market, there are also many screen window products that can better meet the needs of consumers: folding screen windows, invisible screen windows, diamond mesh screen windows and so on.

Today we will talk about a special model of diamond mesh screens: three-way diamond mesh screens.

1. What is a three-way King Kong mesh screen window

As the name suggests, the three-way diamond mesh screen is composed of upper, middle and lower diamond mesh.

2. Installation requirements for three-way diamond mesh screens

The three-way diamond mesh screen window is suitable for casement windows and narrow sliding windows, and is fixed to the window frame.

3. Disadvantages of three-way diamond mesh screens

The aesthetics is worse than that of the invisible screen window, and it is not convenient to clean the window at the same time.

4. Advantages of three-way diamond mesh screens

(1) The material of diamond mesh screen window is 304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of not bending, cutting continuously, and not easy to rust and corrode

(2) After the screen window is locked, it has an excellent anti-mosquito protection function

(3) Small thickness, does not affect the installation of curtains

(4) A key can be added to the handle to prevent children from opening it by themselves

(5) Detachable three-way screens are especially suitable for the outward-opening windows with oily fume (kitchen) and dust, which are very convenient for disassembly and cleaning.