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What is an inward opening window?


In the years of promoting the inward-opening and inner-turning windows, we found that too many people do not know much about the inner-opening and inner-turning windows. Generally, the inner-opening and inner-turning windows are widely used in the north. This is also based on the local climate. The options are different. The so-called inward-opening inward-turning window means that it can open flat to the room like ordinary inner-case windows, and at the same time, it can also be turned inward, that is, the lower part of the window does not move, and the upper part is inclined indoors. The two main functions of windows are lighting and ventilation. For lighting requirements, no matter whether the windows are inward-opening, inward-turning, or closed, the light can enter the room through the glass unimpeded. Therefore, for the functional requirement of lighting, the inward-opening and inward-turning windows fully meet the requirements. In fact, it is also a kind of window that pushes the hardware transmission rod according to the hardware handle of the window sash, so that the window sash can be opened flat or tilted at a certain angle, so as to realize ventilation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of inward-opening and inward-turning windows? Here, we will give you a detailed analysis.

Advantages of inward-opening inward-turning windows:

1. Dustproof and rainproof

When the window is inverted, the airflow entering the room will first face the blocking of the glass, and the heavier dust particles in the air will not be able to make "sharp turns" and will naturally be blocked outside. On a rainy day, because the rain falls from above, even if it deviates into the room due to the wind direction, it will be blocked from the window by the glass barrier of the inverted window. Therefore, when the owner is not at home, there is no need to worry about unexpected rainwater damage to furniture, floors, etc.

2. Ease of cleaning

Owners who live on the second floor or above and use outward-opening windows must have the following painful experience: the window is basically impossible to clean, and the reason is very simple that it opens outwards. Even if your arms are long enough and flexible enough to stretch out of the window, but unfortunately you live in a high-rise, is it too dangerous to stick most of your body out of the window to clean the window? The windows open completely inward for easy maintenance.

3. Optimize ventilation

When the window is inverted, the indoor can not only be naturally ventilated, but also the key is that the air enters the room from the upper side of the window and will not blow directly to the human body, especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, it can greatly reduce the direct blowing caused by people. risk of cold. Especially in high-rise apartments or empty villas, the wind is very strong in spring and autumn, and the inverted state of the windows completely makes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft.

4. improve the integrity

When the window is collapsed, the window is open and ventilated, which has anti-theft performance. The thief can even put his hand in the window, but can't open the window and can't enter the room. Therefore, the owner can completely set the window to the inverted state when leaving the house, which not only ensures continuous ventilation, but also does not have to worry about the patronage of "gentlemen on the beam".

Disadvantages of inward opening and inner inverted windows:

There is a conflict between the curtain and the window sash. If you want to open the window for ventilation, the curtain cannot be closed tightly. Especially at night, opening the window for ventilation cannot protect privacy well, but if you want to draw the curtain, you have to close the window. In hot summer, Feeling very uncomfortable. Moreover, when the child is playing by the window, he accidentally bumps his head, and the hard window corner can easily bruise the child's delicate skin. At the same time, the inversion of the window actually avoids the possibility of "fighting" with cabinets, faucets, wardrobes, furniture, etc. when the window is flat.

In general, the advantages of inward-opening inward-turning windows outweigh the disadvantages. As for hardware, try to choose good hardware accessories and find some common brands, which will be more secure. In this issue, we have given you the popular science here. In the next issue, we will share more knowledge of doors and windows.