It turns out that this is why they love the doors and windows of the upvc energy-saving system!

It is not easy to make a good door and window, and it is even more difficult to create a comfortable home space with excellent properties such as heat insulation, sound insulation, air tightness, and water tightness.
To achieve the “five-constant” comfort effect space of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant static, constant oxygen and Hengjie, it is necessary to meet the prerequisite requirements of doors and windows—-system doors and windows

What is the difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows? 30-year decoration master said: System doors and windows are a perfect organic combination of performance systems.

What concept? System doors and windows need to consider a series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, and operating feel.

Not only that, but also consider the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, hardware, and seals.

the above! Indispensable

Appearance of simple doors and windows
The inside is not simple
Because this is the real system door and window!

So, what kind of experiences and changes in life can the system doors and windows achieve?
With this question, visit users and walk into the “core” inside the doors and windows



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All components of ordinary doors and windows only have a superimposed relationship, and their mutual performance will not help each other to improve. Therefore, even if the assembly parts are superimposed with the best quality accessories, they may not have very good performance.

In the design of system upvc doors and windows, all components have undergone rigorous testing and inspection, so the matching of each component is very good. It is a mature product made through multiple processes, and the overall performance of doors and windows can be maximized. Coraoen’s brand accumulation for more than ten years continuously breaks the limit every day, constantly researches and develops, and innovates constantly, only to create ultra-low energy system doors and windows for the residents to have a better living experience!

Excellent Overall Performance

The doors and windows of the Crown system use LOW-E hollow glass that can block red and ultraviolet rays, and the frame of the multi-cavity structure can also prevent heat conduction, effectively avoiding the same indoor temperature and outdoor temperature, and reducing indoor heating during winter heating or summer air conditioning. Energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection while maintaining the comfort of the home space.

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