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What are the causes of leaking windows?


The inexplicable seepage of water by the window is really a headache. If you do not deal with the window wall in time, it will fall off, make the pasted wallpaper moldy, and even cause damage to the wooden window cover. However, whenever there is water seepage, check the inside and outside of the window, because it is difficult to find the entry point because of the seepage, and it is impossible to deal with it. Reinstalling the window is also very troublesome. Therefore, when decorating, there must be sufficient measures to prevent water seepage around the window. So, the question is, what is the reason for the water seepage by the windows of the renovated houses? How to solve it? Let's take a look at the Baydee uPVC Profile editor.

Improper production of doors and windows causing water leakage

The window should choose a special sealing strip with good elasticity, standard thickness and matching with the profile, so as to ensure that the glass bead is tightly pressed and has no gaps. The sealing strip needs to be a whole piece, and the interface must be selected on the upper part of the window and connected with glue.

Improper installation of doors and windows causing water leakage

Nowadays, many doors and windows are corner windows, and there are many splicing places. These places must be sealed with sealant. If they are not sealed, they will become hidden dangers of leakage.

The gap between the door and window and the outer wall is not tightly sealed, causing water leakage

After the gap between the wall and the window is filled with foaming agent, the gap between the window and the wall should be sealed with waterproof sealant on the outside. Of course, the premise is that the gap is not too large.

Damaged window waterproofing

In an older house with a longer age, the waterproof layer of the wall around the window is damaged and prone to water leakage. In addition, when the old house is renovated and replaced, the window will be demolished and the waterproof layer of the outer wall will be damaged. If it is not repaired in time, it is very likely that there will be water leakage after the new window is installed.

Solution: Redo the window wall waterproofing. For the balcony with serious leakage, the waterproofing should be redone, especially the waterproofing of the top surface and the wall.

Cracked or peeled plastering layer on the outer window sill

When demolishing old windows, the outer sill plastering layer is easily damaged, and there may be problems of cracking or falling off. When installing the window, if the window is directly installed without dealing with this problem, it is easy to cause water accumulation, and then slowly immersed in the plastering layer, and then infiltrated into the room.

Solution: Use 1:2 cement mortar to repair and smooth the outer window sill, pay attention to the slope, pay attention to watering and maintenance for more than half a month in the later stage, and finally apply a layer of waterproof coating on it.

How to check for leaks in doors and windows

Check for leaks

Check the location of the drain holes in the sash slot

Check the seal of the outside window frame and window sill

Daily inspection of doors and windows

In use, the action should be opened and closed as lightly as possible. When the window is opened, it is found that there is an obstacle, and the fault should be eliminated first. Doors and windows such as inward-opening inward-turning windows and folding doors and windows must be operated in strict accordance with the instructions.

The above common problems of water leakage in doors and windows, these situations written by Baydee uPVC Profile, I hope this method can help everyone and solve the problem of water leakage in doors and windows; again, if there is water leakage in doors and windows, we must solve them in time; so as to avoid greater losses .