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Composition of mid-hung window accessories System characteristics of mid-hung windows


Abstract: A center-hung window is a window in which the window shaft is installed in the middle of the left and right sides of the sash and rotates along the horizontal axis. It is often used as high windows in stairs, aisles and door windows, as well as side windows or transom windows in industrial buildings. Due to the excellent ventilation design, it has become the choice of many large shopping malls. However, do you know what accessories the center-hung windows are made of? The following editor will take you to understand.

[Accessories for mid-hung windows] Composition of mid-hung window accessories System characteristics of mid-hung windows

Center-hung window refers to the window whose rotating shaft is installed in the middle of the window and can rotate along the rotating shaft. According to the direction of the sash rotation center line when the window is opened and closed, the center-hung windows are divided into two types: horizontal center-hung windows and vertical center-hung windows.

Due to the influence of the material and its structural form and the processing technology of doors and windows, the opening form and structural form of the center-hung windows of different materials will be different. The common ones are aluminum alloy, PVC and wooden middle windows.

Features of center hung window system

Compared with other window types, the biggest advantage of center-hung windows is that the ventilation area is similar, and it is easy to form a ventilation cycle with a large amount of air exchange, ensuring continuous, smooth and flowing natural ventilation.

According to the data, the ventilation volume of the center-hung windows can be several times that of the top-hung windows of the same area. Therefore, in some occasions with strict fresh air volume requirements, such as shopping malls and bus stations, mid-hung windows are more popular.

Hung window hardware accessories

The hardware accessories of the center-hung window are mainly composed of three parts, namely hinges, locks, and wind braces. Specifically include: multi-point lock series, crescent lock series, linkage handle series, seven-character handle series, aluminum alloy hinge series, stainless steel sliding brace/wind brace series, handles, pulleys, bolts, slide rails, door locks, windows Locks, push-pull locks, door and window hook locks, crescent locks, mobile locks and other lock accessories, hinges, hinges, door and window drives, seven-character handles, door and window limiters, stroke limiters, fire limiters, telescopic braces Wait.