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How many of these misunderstandings about system doors and windows have you stepped on?


I have to admit that there are pits everywhere in the decoration, and windows are the ones with many pits. Many people do not understand the current popular system doors and windows, and they buy them in a daze, and sure enough, they fall into the pit. Many people still have some misunderstandings. Let's follow the Baydee uPVC Profile to solve these misunderstandings one by one. We have to go around the pit that our predecessors stepped on!

Look at the materials: Only good materials can produce real good things, so when choosing doors and windows, the first thing to do is to clarify the materials used for doors and windows. Generally speaking, the materials used for system doors and windows include aluminum, glass and hardware. We should take good care of these materials when purchasing system doors and windows, and usually we will pay more attention to the thickness of raw materials and glass. However, not much is known about hardware accessories such as hinges and hinges. This is a misunderstanding and should be selected according to the relevant rules.

The heavier the doors and windows, the better: This is caused by people's inertial thinking. The exterior of the doors and windows is made of aluminum, and the material inside cannot be seen. It is impossible to confirm whether the material is made of real aluminum. However, some door and window manufacturers have added them during processing. A lot of adhesive, so it is heavier than a lot of solid wood boards.

System doors and windows are expensive: the cost of system doors and windows is higher than that of traditional doors and windows, because system doors and windows require systematic research, the development of each component requires a long cycle, and the mold is opened after repeated testing, so the price is slightly higher. It is normal, but not always like this, because the price depends on many aspects. For example, if the wall thickness of traditional doors and windows is increased, and the specifications are increased, the price will naturally increase. In addition, if the traditional door and window installation is complicated, it will also increase the price. Increase labor costs, which will also lead to high prices.

Doors and windows can not have color difference: when some customers buy door and window products, when they see a little color difference on the doors and windows, they will think that the product has quality problems. In fact, this situation is unavoidable in many cases. Very the same, the material of the real aluminum material is different, or the age of the aluminum material is different, the pattern and color of the cutting are not the same, and so on.

The group corner glue injection is the system door and window: not necessarily, the purpose of the group corner glue injection is to seal the gap at the group corner and reduce water leakage. But this is only a partial change. If it is not improved from the perspective of improving the performance of doors and windows as a whole, it is not considered a real system doors and windows.

Emphasis on aesthetics: The system doors and windows are definitely higher in appearance than ordinary doors and windows, and their spraying process, accessory styles, and structural levels will be significantly more beautiful. However, when purchasing system doors and windows, it is not only about appearance, but also about performance and whether it is suitable for household needs.

Light hardware: Hardware accessories seem to be small, but they are actually the "heart" of the system doors and windows, affecting the service life of the system doors and windows and the experience of use. It is suggested here that we choose die-cast zinc alloy for handles, transmission parts, etc.; aluminum alloy for hinges; stainless steel for hinge shafts, lock points, etc., and zinc alloy or stainless steel for lock seats; the quality of pulleys is determined by its outer wheel. Determined by the quality of the bearing, the fiberglass pulley contains roller bearings, which is smooth to push and pull, wear-resistant and durable, the box-type closed structure is effective against dust, and two anti-jump devices ensure reliable sliding.

Well, the above are the major misunderstandings of the system doors and windows shared. You should pay attention when purchasing. For more door and window knowledge, we will see you in the next issue!