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When the seasons change in winter, do the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows at home need maintenance?


The north is howling, winter is coming, in order to prolong the life of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges, it is necessary to do regular cleaning and maintenance work, as shown below:

1. Maintain good indoor ventilation, keep doors and windows in a normal temperature and humidity environment, and prevent doors and windows from causing corrosion and edge sealing of metal fittings due to excessive humidity and temperature difference. The indoor temperature should not be too high. When heating equipment, keep it away from doors and windows to avoid overheating and fading or peeling of its surface color or coating.

2. Do not hang heavy items on the door or avoid sharp objects from bumping and scratching. During use, the action should be light, pushing and pulling should be natural, do not use too much force, and do not hit the doors and windows, because the temperature is low in winter, the windows are easy to Frozen, such as hinges, door locks and other frequently used hardware accessories, they should be tightened immediately when they are loose.

3. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust accumulated in the tank and the top of the door seal, or use a soft cloth with water or neutral detergent to ensure that the glass, frame and other parts are not scratched. When cleaning the glass, you can use a towel to gently Wipe, or use a mild alkaline solution mixed with tap water when the weather is nice.

It can be seen that it is necessary to maintain the aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges in winter to make them more durable.