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Which brand of UPVC Windows & Doors is good, and the purchasing skills of UPVC Windows & Doors


I believe that everyone is familiar with doors and windows. With the development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the doors and windows installed in our houses are getting better and better. But in recent years, plastic steel doors, steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, etc. have all appeared. So which are the best plastic steel door and window brands? When we face so many doors and windows on the market, how should we choose? Introduce the purchasing skills of UPVC Windows & Doors.

Which brand of UPVC Windows & Doors is good?

Which brand of plastic steel doors and windows is good, and the purchasing skills of plastic steel doors and windows

Baydee is a well-known profile manufacturer in the industry. Our products are sold all over the world, including UPVC profiles and UPVC aluminum profiles. , UPVC windows, UPVC doors, UPVC sliding windows, UPVC casement windows, UPVC casement doors, etc.

UPVC Windows & Doors purchase skills

1. Understand the upvc profiles selected for UPVC Windows & Doors.

Upvc profiles are the decisive factor for the quality and grade of UPVC Windows & Doors. A good UPVC profile should be a reasonably imagined multi-cavity wall thickness formula containing anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet additives. From the outside, it should be smooth and white in color. In particular, I want to remind everyone that many people think that plastic steel windows are all the same white, but this is not the case. The color of high-grade upvc profiles should be white, medium and green. Such a color has good anti-aging performance and will not age, discolor or deform in the outdoor wind and sun for 30 to 50 years. The middle and low-grade profiles are white and yellowish. This color has poor sun protection ability and will become more and more yellow after being used for a few years until aging, deformation and brittleness.

2. Do not buy cheap UPVC Windows & Doors.

The quality of plastic (plastic-related door and window information), lining steel quality, and hardware quality of good plastic-steel doors and windows are all high, and the service life can reach more than ten years. The profiles used in cheap UPVC Windows & Doors contain more than 50% calcium carbonate, and the additives contain lead salts, which have poor stability and affect human health. The lining steel is a hot rolled plate, the thickness is not enough, and some even have no lining steel, and glass and hardware are also inferior products. The service life is only two or three years.

3. Pay attention to the assembly quality of doors and windows.

Mainly whether the appearance is clean and undamaged, whether the welding corners are clean and tidy, whether the sliding window is flexible in sliding, whether the casement window can be opened freely, whether the doors and windows are tightly sealed, whether the hardware is complete with or without steel lining, etc. The color of the plastic (plastic-related door and window information) profiles on the surface of the doors and windows is bluish white or ivory white, clean, flat and smooth, with no scratches and bruises on the large surface, and no welding or breakage at the welding port. Good quality UPVC Windows & Doors should have a protective film on the surface, and the user should tear off the protective film before using it.

4, glass and hardware can not be ignored.

The glass should be flat and free of water streaks. The glass and plastic (plastic-related door and window information) profiles are not in direct contact, and there are sealing strips to close the gap. The hardware is complete, the position is accurate, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible. The hardware of high-end doors and windows is made of metal, and its inherent strength, appearance, and usability directly affect the performance of doors and windows. Many middle and low-grade UPVC Windows & Doors use plastic (plastic-related door and window information) hardware, and there are great hidden dangers in their quality and life.

First, we must first understand the door and window profiles. PVC profile is the decisive factor for the quality and grade of UPVC Windows & Doors. A good PVC profile should be a rationally designed multi-cavity, with a thick wall, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet additives in the formula, smooth surface and blue and white color. Generally, the color of high-grade PVC profiles should be white, medium and green with good anti-aging properties.

Second, in addition to looking at the profiles, we also need to look at the glass of doors and windows. When sealing the outer windows, the glass of UPVC Windows & Doors should be flat, without water marks, and installed firmly, not in direct contact with the plastic profiles, and with sealing strips to close the gap. If it is double-glazed, there should be no dust and water vapor in the interlayer; the lower part of the window frame of the sliding window should have aluminum slide rails, which are easy to replace. The hardware accessories of high-quality UPVC Windows & Doors are all made of metal, with high strength, flexibility and smoothness. The middle and low-grade plastic steel windows are made of plastic hardware, and there are great hidden dangers in their quality and life.

Third. UPVC Windows & Doors are more and more favored by people because of their beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, good water tightness and heat insulation, and easy maintenance. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to check whether the door and window manufacturers have a production license issued by the Construction Committee, and do not be greedy for cheap. The quality and reputation of plastic-steel windows produced by street workshops cannot be guaranteed.

The above is the whole content of the purchasing skills of UPVC Windows & Doors and the brand of UPVC Windows & Doors. Now everyone should know how to choose good UPVC Windows & Doors. The UPVC Windows & Doors produced by Baydee have high wind pressure resistance, excellent water tightness and air tightness, even if it is air or rain, the amount of infiltration is very small, good thermal insulation performance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and durable. If you want to know more about UPVC Windows & Doors, please consult Baydee's customer service staff to give you a detailed introduction.