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Screen window matching of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


The choices in life are really endless: after choosing a job, choose a new house, choosing a new house and choosing a decoration, choosing a door and a window for a decoration, choosing a window and a screen window. The summer solstice has arrived, and every household will turn on the fighting state to fight against mosquitoes and cockroaches. Mosquitoes in particular, pervasive and swarms, always bite you when you are drowsy and itching is unbearable.

Fortunately, if you choose broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is easier to choose screen windows. Why? Because you have chosen broken bridge aluminum, it is impossible to install a fiber or plastic screen window!

Here, the editor has to talk about the screen window, how to choose the screen window, and what kind of screen window is more suitable for your home? The following introduction, I hope to give you a satisfactory answer!

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are mainly casement windows, of which hardware and screen windows are essential configurations. So what are the main configurations of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and screen windows? Common broken bridge aluminum configuration screens include invisible screens, diamond mesh screens, etc.

Invisible screen window, one of the functions of the window is to "see the scenery outside the window clearly", and the screen window is an obstacle. Therefore, a serious invisible screen should be: when the glass doors, windows and sashes are open, the screen is closed or protected, people are 1 meter away and can clearly see the window. In other words, visually speaking, at a certain distance, there is a screen window, but we cannot see it with the naked eye.

King Kong mesh screen, very good screen window in broken bridge aluminum door and window screen, one-time use lifelong screen window, removable and washable, screen window is not broken, no need to change screen, can be directly removed and washed with a brush, ordinary removable screen window It can only be washed with water and cannot be brushed with a brush. The price of this screen window is generally 500-800 yuan per piece. Taking 20 years of service life as an example, the average annual cost is 25 yuan a year, which is very economical and cost-effective.

Since the screen can be upgraded to the metal level, it is not only the function of anti-mosquito. In addition to being more durable than traditional screen windows, a good metal screen should also have the properties of child protection, anti-prying, anti-collision, and visual transparency when the glass doors and windows are opened.

Finally, Baydee UPVC Profiles will summarize for everyone that the metal screen windows on the market are mainly made of gold steel mesh screens. The main raw materials are 204 and 304 stainless steel wire woven. The production door frame is low, easy to popularize and rich in color; and alloy wire There are few mesh windows, and the main raw material is woven from alloy material S. It has strict requirements on technology and equipment. The color is only black paint, and the price is high. Did you get it?