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uPVC windows sealing strip installation knowledge collection


The sealing strip is generally used on uPVC windows, the main function is to make the glass and the frame fan more tightly, so as to ensure the air tightness of the door leaf. In addition, the uPVC windows sealing strip should be installed flat, not curled or stretched, and the joint should be less than 1MM. If it is too large, the pressure strip will not be pressed in. If it is too small, the sealing strip will easily fall off, and the glass and the fan body will not be tight.

1. When installing the uPVC windows sealing strip, the debris in the slot should be cleaned up. For the placement of the glass, the gap on both sides should be uniform to prevent collision and displacement and deviation from the center of the slot.

2. The sealing strip should not be pulled too tightly. When installing, it should be inlaid in place, the surface should be straight, and it should be in close contact with the glass and the glass notch, so that the surrounding of the glass is evenly stressed.

3. Squeeze the glass with a sealing strip, and then leave a gap for glue injection. The depth of glue injection should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, keep the glass from vibration.

4. The tops on the uPVC windows should be tightly sealed with the frame fan.

5. The specifications of the tops will affect the watertightness of the push-pull uPVC windows. If the specifications of all the tops are too large or the vertical hair is too high, it will be difficult to assemble and increase the movement resistance of the uPVC windows, especially the initial resistance when opening and the resistance when closing. .