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How to remove the sliding window?


Sliding windows are familiar to everyone and are used in many places, and sliding windows should be mastered when installing and disassembling. So, how do you remove the sliding window? Next, let Baydee Upvc profiles give you the answer.

sliding window


1. Remove the screen window.

When disassembling the sliding window, the screen above must be removed first, so as to facilitate the disassembly of the window. It is relatively simple to remove the screen window, as long as you hold the frame of the screen window with your hand and push it up, it will fall off the track, and the screen window can be removed at this time.

2. Remove the push-pull fan and windproof block.

Then remove the upper push-pull fan, you must first remove the upper side hook lock, and then the push-pull fan can be removed. Then check to see if the windshield is installed on the window, and if so, remove it as well.

3. Remove the cover on the push-pull fan.

Next, the cover needs to be removed. This cover is on the top of the push-pull fan. Use a screwdriver to pry off the cover, and then pull off the cover by hand. It is very simple. After the cover is removed, push the window sash up, the same way as the screen window removal method.

4. Remove the screws on the window frame.

Usually, the window frame is fixed on the hole by screws, and every four sides of it are fixed with screws. At this time, all the screws must be removed first. Once the screws are removed, the sash is easy to remove.

5. Remove offset printing.

Because when installing the sliding window, some sealant needs to be applied around the window frame, so the offset printing on it should be removed when dismantling. Scrape the surface with a utility knife and clean with a rag before removing the window frame. The screws and glue on the window frame must be separated first, and then the entire window frame can be removed in sequence. The whole process is not very complicated, just follow the steps to remove it.