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The big difference between original aluminum and recycled aluminum


As the mainstream style of the current aluminum alloy door and window market, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows occupy a good position in the hearts of consumers. However, many consumers will hesitate a little on the price, thus ignoring whether the product uses original aluminum or recycled aluminum.

"Original" and " Recycled "

original aluminum and recycled aluminum, a word is different, but completely different. Profiles made from original aluminum alone have a smooth surface, while profiles made from recycled aluminum have a rougher surface. The bigger gap between the two comes from the gap in their performance.

Original aluminum

original aluminum comes from bauxite. By collecting bauxite, the bauxite of bauxite is subjected to electrolyzer operation, so as to obtain what we call pure aluminum, that is, original aluminum.

recycled aluminum

original aluminum can thus be superior to recycled aluminum in terms of strength, hardness, toughness, and oxidation resistance, resulting in a longer service life and better experience. So we must pay attention when choosing, make sure to buy the material we like.