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What are UPVC laminated doors and windows?


What are UPVC laminated doors and windows?

UPVC coated doors and windows are a new type of chemical building material. They are the fourth generation of energy-saving doors and windows after wooden doors and windows, steel doors and windows, and aluminum doors and windows. They are high-quality energy-saving products recommended by the Ministry of Construction. It is a new type of doors and windows made of plastic profiles by cutting, installing reinforced steel, welding, and then installing sealing strips, wool strips, hardware and other accessories.

What is the value for money of UPVC coated doors and windows?

1. Good physical properties. UPVC plastic film door and window profiles have a unique multi-chamber structure, which is at least 2 more cavities than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles, and even has a structure of 7 cavities. The doors and windows are formed by welding process, and all the gaps are installed during installation. Door and window seals.

UPVC laminated doors and windows - all systems are equipped with single hollow double tempered Low-e white glass as standard, and can also be upgraded to triple glass double hollow glass. Therefore, it has excellent air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance and sound insulation performance.

2. Good thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of UPVC profiles is about 20 or even 1/30 of that of aluminum profiles. Thanks to the low thermal conductivity of UPVC materials, the thermal insulation performance of UPVC film-coated doors and windows is better than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

3. Good weather resistance. The surface of UPVC coated doors and windows is covered with outdoor film imported from Germany. Because of the addition of materials such as ultraviolet absorption and low temperature impact resistance, it has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no electrolytic corrosion, and no bacterial corrosion. It is not prone to deterioration, aging, embrittlement, discoloration, etc., and the weather resistance is better.

4. Long service life. The center of aluminum alloy doors and windows for broken bridges is usually pa66 plastic. The whole window is supported by plastic. It is easy to age and deform after a long time. In addition, the rigidity of aluminum alloy is strong, and it will be deformed and damaged if you are not careful. Baydee's UPVC-coated doors and windows use UPVC unplasticized polyvinyl chloride profiles as the frame, built-in high-strength steel lining, and the plastic-steel has sufficient toughness. With a little debugging, the 30-year service life can be easily achieved. At present, plastic film doors and windows have been used in Western Europe for 30 years, and their materials are as good as ever.

5. Good environmental performance. Compared with the aluminum alloys refined by the metallurgical technology of the old era, which consumes a lot of energy and energy, the production, processing and recycling of UPVC coated doors and windows are all in line with the ISO4001 international environmental protection certification system, 100% recyclable, non-combustible, and more environmentally friendly.

The UPVC laminated doors and windows produced by Baydee company not only have outstanding performance, but also outstanding appearance. Whether it is individual existentialism, a refreshing tranquil manor or a dream city in the sky, you can find yourself in the world of laminated doors and windows. Say goodbye to being the same, saying goodbye to being immutable, with one dozen ten, UPVC coated doors and windows with their own talents are so living up to expectations!