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upvc sliding windows or casement windows? how to choose?


Most homeowners choose to seal up their balconies, so why? First of all, closing the balcony can increase the area of ​​​​the space, so we can use this part of the space reasonably according to our own preferences. Secondly, sealing the balcony can better isolate the noise, especially for living in a noisy environment in the urban area, or for commercial apartment-style houses. It is safer to seal the balcony. If you encounter sandstorms or typhoons, then closing the balcony is the best protective layer. If there are children at home, you don't have to worry about falling from high altitudes.

The most common ones for sealing balconies are casement windows and upvc sliding windows. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of windows?

1. Appearance comparison

Upvc sliding windows refers to the doors and windows with the sash vertically sliding left and right in the horizontal direction.

Casement windows refer to doors and windows with hinges (hinges) installed on the sides of doors and windows that open inward or outward.
The casement window is more flexible and can make a facade effect, and it only occupies a small part of the entire window, so it is more suitable for high-end buildings that have stricter requirements on the overall effect of the building.

Upvc sliding windows are divided into two types: left and right, up and down. Its advantages are that it has a large opening area, a wider field of vision, opens in a plane, occupies less space, is more convenient to install screen windows, and is relatively convenient to operate. It is suitable for industrial buildings and rural style More suitable.

2. Use the comparison

Casement windows are generally opened inwards, which will occupy a certain amount of indoor space (now buildings generally do not allow outward opening windows), and it is more troublesome to open and close;

Upvc sliding windows are relatively flexible and space-saving. Similarly, we can choose according to different places.

Living room balcony, kitchen balcony, if it is not limited by space, you can choose both. For the balcony of the bedroom, it is recommended to choose a casement window, because it is still very important to keep warm in winter.

3. Performance comparison

The performance of doors and windows is mainly compared from three aspects, namely wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness.

Wind pressure resistance: The pros and cons of this type of performance of the window depend on the resisting moment of the main force member of the door and window. Generally speaking, the larger the section of the profile, the greater its resisting moment, but it is not completely proportional.

The general profile section of the casement window will be relatively small, but the main force member is strengthened, so the wind pressure resistance is better.

The profile section of upvc sliding windows is generally good, but the force analysis points out that its main force member is often a middle fan material, and only the pulley is used to bear the wind load in the horizontal direction, so the wind pressure resistance performance is generally not ideal.

Water tightness: The water tightness of a window depends on the sealing effect. Casement windows are sealed with adhesive strips, and the sealing performance is better. The bottom and top of upvc sliding windows contain tracks, so the former is more airtight than the latter.

Air tightness: Casement windows use two-point locks or heaven and earth locks for indentation and sealing in the opening part. Because upvc sliding windows are often pushed and pulled, they all use hook locks or latches, so the air tightness is relatively insufficient.

Resting at home requires a relatively quiet environment, so the sound insulation effect is often the first consideration for many families when choosing windows. Different ways of opening windows lead to different sound insulation effects.

4. Price comparison

In addition to the window frame, the casement window also needs to make an additional opening fan. The opening fan needs to use more aluminum alloy materials, and also needs hardware such as hinges and handles, and the production cost is higher. Therefore, in general, when making casement windows, the cost of opening the fan will be calculated additionally. For each additional side of the opening fan, an additional amount of money must be paid.

The structure of upvc sliding windows is simpler, the alloy material is saved, and the demand for hardware accessories is also less. On average, the price of upvc sliding windows will be 15%-30% lower than that of casement windows.

In the end, the above is just a judgment on the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows and upvc sliding windows. Specific to the purchase of windows, but also pay attention to the type of profile, the thickness of the profile, the number of layers of glass, the type of glass and other factors. Pay attention to Baydee, just to be a good window and bring comfort and peace of mind to your home!