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What is the price of upvc windows?What factors will affect the price of upvc windows?


upvc windows price

The market price of upvc windows is estimated according to the price of various market materials. 88 sliding windows are generally 110 yuan for profiles, 8 yuan for hardware, 10 yuan for accessories, 30 yuan for production and installation, 20 yuan for reinforced steel, and 30 yuan. The transportation of 4 yuan for high-quality glass is generally 212 yuan per square meter. For 80 sliding windows and 105 profiles, the rest are the same, it is estimated to be 207 yuan per square meter; for 60 casement windows, it is 150 yuan for profiles and 28 yuan for hardware , the rest of the price is the same as above, it is estimated that the price per square meter of upvc windows is 272, all the prices are justified, the most important thing about the price is the configuration.

Factors affecting the price of upvc windows

1. Profiles are the key to widening the price gap

According to relevant sources, the main material of upvc windows is a specially formulated rigid PVC polyvinyl chloride profile. The person in charge of product research and development said: "Although they are all the same PVC, they are different in the manufacturing process such as resins and additives. These cannot be seen from the outside. Because of their differences, they will directly affect the UV resistance of the profiles. , anti-aging ability, and the strength of profiles. In addition, the structure of profiles will directly affect the price and quality of doors and windows. From the section structure of upvc windows, we can see the impact resistance and pressure resistance of profiles. Generally, the interior of doors and windows should be lined There are steel linings to strengthen the doors and windows."

According to market sales personnel, the steel linings of upvc windows vary greatly. Higher-grade steel linings are made of galvanized steel with a thickness of about 2.5MM, while upvc windows produced by some small-scale manufacturers only use steel coated with anti-rust paint , the thickness is relatively thinner, about 1.5M, and the corners of the window frame will cut corners to save the steel lining, which cannot be seen on the outside, but affects the use.

2. Different processing technology will affect the quality of upvc windows

Although doors and windows are mainly airtight, the most prone to leaks are the angles of doors and windows, especially doors. If the welding is not good, cracking and breaking will occur after bearing a certain strength and pressure. The person in charge of China Construction said so. Therefore, when purchasing upvc windows, you should pay attention to whether the inclination angle of the doors and windows is welded by hand. If it is welded by hand, the heat preservation and pressure resistance of the doors and windows will not reach the high standard.

3. Hardware and other accessories have also been upgraded

Due to the different opening methods of upvc windows, the hardware accessories are also different. Different opening methods also make the sealing of doors and windows very different, and their prices are also different. Generally speaking, if hardware accessories are selected from imported brands, their price and quality will be relatively high. Of course, some small manufacturers with slightly inferior brands may reduce hardware accessories in order to save costs, such as using double-sided locking hardware, he may change to a single set of accessories and so on. In addition, other accessories such as glass, sealing strips, etc. will also affect the quality of upvc profiles. The rubber strip is upvc profiles thermal insulation and sealing off plating. Products from professional manufacturers have high aging resistance, corrosion resistance and strength, while some inferior products cannot withstand high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, and are prone to discoloration and aging.

4. Choose a reliable brand with guaranteed quality

Some decoration companies believe that the quality of upvc windows is directly proportional to the price. Some small manufacturers purchase inferior products in order to save costs. Although it is not obvious on the surface, quality problems will occur after a period of use. In addition, the after-sales service of small manufacturers is not in place, and maintenance personnel cannot be found. And a large reputable manufacturer not only has reliable suppliers, effective imported equipment, but also relatively complete after-sales service and credit guarantee, which is worth considering.

how about upvc windows

Since the basic composition of the profile is polyvinyl chloride resin, it has some characteristics:

1. Strong machinability

In the molten state, plastic has relatively high fluidity, so the precise cross-sectional structure can be formed through the mold, so as to realize the functional requirements that the window should have. Moreover, a divided chamber can be formed to improve the thermal insulation, sound insulation, and drainage functions of the window, and can avoid the corrosion of the reinforced steel.

2. Energy saving

Compared with other doors and windows, plastic doors and windows have more superior technical characteristics in terms of energy saving and improvement of indoor thermal environment. According to the test by the Institute of Physics of the Construction Research Institute, the heat transfer coefficient of single-glass steel and aluminum windows is 64W/M2K; the heat transfer coefficient of single-glass upvc windows is about 47W/M2K; the heat transfer coefficient of ordinary double-glazed steel and aluminum windows It is about 3.7W/M2K; while the heat transfer coefficient of double-glass plastic steel windows is about 2.5W/M2K. Doors and windows account for 30% of the building's outer enclosure structure area, and its heat dissipation accounts for 49%. It can be seen that upvc windows have good energy-saving benefits.

3. Good sound insulation

The sound insulation performance of steel and aluminum windows is about 19 decibels, and the sound insulation performance of upvc windows can reach more than 30 decibels. In the increasingly noisy urban environment, the use of upvc windows can make the indoor environment more comfortable. According to the information provided by Japan, in order to meet the same noise reduction requirements, the distance between the building with aluminum windows and the main traffic road must be 50 meters, and the installation of upvc windows can reach 18 meters. According to the test of Beijing Labor Protection Research Institute, the indoor noise of upvc windows is reduced to 32DB (A), and the effect is very good. Due to the development of the economy, the problem of urban noise is becoming more and more serious, and upvc windows will make a greater contribution to improving the quality of the sound environment where people live and work. In addition, upvc windows are corrosion-resistant and can be used in corrosive environments such as coastal areas and chemical plants. The use of ordinary users can also reduce the labor and cost of maintaining paint.

4. Good appearance

It can adapt to the domestic decorative effect requirements, and the human body contact feeling is more comfortable than metal. Since upvc windows have some of the above outstanding advantages, they are being widely used in our country and become a new trend in the field of construction.

Under normal circumstances, solid wood windows and ordinary aluminum alloy windows with broken bridges are not used; upvc windows are the most used materials, and the price of upvc windows is generally between 150--600 yuan/square meter, which is acceptable to most people. Cost-effectiveness is the main factor for its popularity.