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Window width built-in shutters


The insulating glass of doors and windows has built-in shutters. By adjusting the light, the shutters can also bring a pleasing feeling to the modern and concise space, making people feel a sense of tranquility in the space; the choice of various colors makes the shutters and home decoration style blend together.

Floating curtains reveal indoor life, and the layered design of blinds ensures the privacy of the home.

People who like blinds will probably have a problem. Traditional blinds are easy to be dirty, contaminated with dust and oil fume, and need to be cleaned regularly. When the wind blows the blinds, they will make noises, which will affect the rest and cause a lot of inconvenience.

 "Advantages of built-in shutters in windows" 

The hollow glass of doors and windows has built-in shutters, which is a new type of door and window product that installs shutters in the hollow glass cavity to meet the needs of customers who like shutters. Through magnetic control or electric remote control, the angle of the louvers in the insulating glass can be adjusted at will, making them all light-transmitting, semi-transparent or shading, and at the same time, the louvers can be pulled up to become fully transparent windows.

Energy Saving

In summer, when the louver is adjusted to the closed state, it can block direct sunlight, block the convection of cold and hot air, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of indoor air conditioners. In winter, the louvers can be lifted to allow direct sunlight to fully absorb heat energy, and the insulation of the hollow layer will increase the temperature performance of indoor heat insulation, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.


The built-in louver has the advantages of dustproof, oil smoke prevention and pollution prevention. At the same time, due to the use of a high-tech magnetic induction transmission system, the closing and opening of the louver, and the up and down lifting are more convenient; the louver does not need to be cleaned, which can save time, labor, and The effect of saving money.


In any building, traditional curtains are flammable, and in the event of a fire, curtains made of cloth gauze, chemical fiber and other materials will release a lot of toxic fumes when burning, causing suffocation and casualties for indoor personnel. Built-in shutters not only won't be ignited by fire, but they also won't release heavy smoke in a fire. Double-layer tempered glass and built-in louvers also have the function of blocking flame transmission, effectively reducing the probability of fire, and it is a reliable fireproof product.



According to testing: Insulating glass can generally reduce the noise transmitted from the outside to the room by about 25 decibels, and the built-in shutter doors and windows of the insulating glass can reduce the indoor noise by up to 36 decibels, ensuring a perfect sound insulation effect.