Winter is coming, are you still ready to listen to the wind at home?

The autumn balance is insufficient, and the winter is approaching again
As the temperature drops, the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger
The north wind gets stronger and stronger every morning and evening

"I obviously closed the window, why would I still tremble with the cold at home?"

Don't worry
Let's follow the steps of the editor to check together
Do the windows in your home have the following problems?

Step 1: Check the material

If your doors and windows are not polymer composite materials, then you can consider replacing them. At present, the thermal conductivity of polymer composite profiles is 1/1250 of aluminum alloy broken bridges and 1/357 of steel, and its airtightness and heat insulation are much higher than aluminum alloy doors and windows. Therefore, the editor here reminds everyone to pay attention to the material when buying doors and windows.

Step 2: Check the flatness

The main reason for the air leakage of doors and windows is also the closeness between the door and window sash and the frame, so whether the profile is flat or not is an important factor affecting the closeness. If the flatness of the profile is not enough, or it has been deformed for a long time, there will be a certain gap between the door and window sash and the frame, which will cause air leakage.

Step 3: Check the sealing strip

The windows are often exposed to the sun and rain, and the quality of the sealing strip is very important. The quality of sealing strips currently on the market varies greatly: high-quality sealing strips have strong toughness, strong wear resistance, and are not easy to break; while poor-quality sealing strips are very fragile, easy to corrode and break, and cannot achieve the sealing effect. If the sealing strip is not installed properly, unevenness or bulging occurs, it will cause air leakage.

Step 4: Check the hardware

The airtight connection between the window frame and the window sash mainly relies on hardware. Therefore, hardware has an important influence on the air tightness of doors and windows. If the hardware is worn, loose, or the installation position is offset, the locking of the door and window will fail, which will directly affect the air tightness of the door and window.

Step 5: Check the gap

Even with windows with good materials, the installation process will have an important impact on their air tightness and warmth retention. If the sealing worker fails to seal the door frame, window frame and the wall due to hurried work or cut corners, or the window is not properly installed, the window may become more and more crooked and the gap may become larger after the window is used for a period of time. In this case, air leakage is inevitable.

If one of the above problems occurs
Then the air tightness and warmth of the windows will be greatly reduced
Winter at home may be accompanied by the cold wind outside

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