AC foam agent

application range proposed dosage(phr)
PVC foam board, profile, wood plastic, core layer foam pipe, construction template, etc 0.3~1.2
Product process

Modified heat balance absorption type of foaming agent, foaming agent AC is to use a variety of environmental non-toxic organic compound and inorganic compound, the combination of AC foaming agent for coating, modified many times, reduce the hair temperature degrees of AC foaming agent, and can be a very good inhibition of cyanuric acid, poly (cyanate easy adsorption on the surface of the equipment, mould, the formation of by-products, eventually form a stable core – shell structure of yellow powder compound.

technical index
appearance Exhalation temperature(℃) Gas evolution(ml/g)
Yellow Powder 170~200 220
Product features

Modified foaming agent foaming agent can balance foaming products in the production process

Lose one’s cool The structure of the bubble hole is regular, uniform and the surface is smooth.

Production engineering without any need to add to the process to the factory production with multi-purpose

Modified foaming agent foaming agent is a completely harmless green environmental protection product

Can completely draw foaming agent and compound foaming agent.


Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry place, not close to the heat source, not open stacked, to prevent moisture.


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