112 Series sliding upvc profile for windows and doors

BAYDEE brand 112 series upvc profile is main used for windows and doors. It includes frame, sash, mullion, glazing bead and other accessories, which can meet your sliding function windows and doors.

Advantages of 112 series upvc profile for windows and doors


* Life Long durability,the age of profile is over 30 years
* weather resistance , even in coastal areas and low-temperature
* Wind resistance , we use Chinese top brand hardware to ensure the windows’ safety
* Fire resistance ,our profile has been tested 91 minutes in the fire
* Sound insulation ,a good design could lower the noise more than 30 db.
* UV stability or efficient thermal insulation
* Corrosion resistance
* Termite resistance
* Impact resistance
* Nice extension resistance
* Water tightness or weather tightness
* Environment friendly

Features of 112 series upvc profile


Name Name 112 series upvc profile frame
Size(W*H) Size 60mm*58mm
Thickness 2.0-2.8mm
Style Casement & sliding
Certification ISO, CE, SGS, ROHS and others
Applications For upvc windows and doors
Color&function White, full colored, ASA co-extrusion, film laminated
Length 5.8-6m
Glass thickness 4.5mm-24.5mm
Glazing Type Single or double glaze
UV resistance High UV resistance and lead free
Gasket With or without
Gasket color Black, gray or customized
Package PE bag package


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