Calcium zinc stabilizer

application range proposed dosage
PVC foam sheet, pipe, profile, sheet, etc 2-5phr of The total weight of the mixture
Product process

The calcium and zinc stabilizer is composed of calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant and antioxidant. It can not only replace lead, cadmium, salt, organation and other toxic stabilizers, but also has good thermal stability, optical stability, transparency and coloring power. Practice has proved that in PVC resin products, good processing performance, thermal stability is equivalent to lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizer.

Technical index
Item Index
Appearance Powder
Volatile 1.5%
Product features

With PVC resin processing process has good dispersion, compatibility, processing liquidity, wide adaptability, excellent surface finish products; Excellent thermal stability, small initial phase, no precipitation phenomenon; Does not contain heavy metals and other toxic components, no vulcanization phenomenon; Congo red test time is long, has excellent electrical insulation, no impurities, has high efficiency weather resistance; Wide application range, strong practicability, small amount, multi-functional; In white goods, whiteness is better than its kind.


Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry place, not close to the heat source, not open stacked, to prevent moisture.


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