Titanium dioxide

application range
Mainly used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber and other industries
Product process

Chlorination: titanium tetrachloride is produced by reaction of titanium residue, artificial rutile, or natural rutile with chlorine gas from raw materials containing titanium, and then purified by distillation, followed by gas phase oxidation; After rapid cooling, TiO2 was obtained by gas-solid separation. Due to adsorption of a certain amount of chlorine, the TiO2 needs to be removed by heating or steam treatment. The process is simple, but the condition of 1000 ℃ or higher chloride, there are many chemical engineering problems such as chlorine, chlorine oxide, titanium tetrachloride and high corrosion, need to be solved, combined with the raw materials used in the special, compared with the high cost of sulfuric acid method. Chlorination production is continuous production, the flexibility of production device operation is not large, open and shut down and production load is not easy to adjust, but its continuous process production, the process is simple, less process control points, product quality is easy to achieve optimal control. In addition, the sintering process without rotary kiln calcining can easily depolymerize the original TiO2 particles, so it is generally considered that the quality of titanium dioxide produced by chloride method is better. The advantages of chlorination are short process, easy expansion of production capacity, high degree of continuous automation, relatively low energy consumption, “three wastes” less, can get quality products. Its disadvantages are large investment, complex equipment structure, high requirements for materials, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, difficult maintenance equipment, research and development difficulty.

Technical index
Item Unit Index
Rutile content % 97
Apparent density g/cm3 0.40±0.10
Volatile % 0.50
Standard screening pass rate % ≥98
PH value 6.00~9.00
Oil absorption g/100g 23
Product features

Excellent dispersion quality; Lower energy consumption can achieve higher yield in a shorter dispersion time. Stable dispersion performance brings more stable product quality; Stronger hiding power; Higher coating rate; Minimum amount of titanium dioxide; Excellent coloring strength; Unparalleled whiteness and brightness; It is easier to disperse in alkyd system. Improve production efficiency and save energy consumption.


Products should be stored in a ventilated, dry place, not close to the heat source, not open stacked, to prevent moisture.


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