PVC processing aid ACR

application range
Mainly used for various types of profiles, profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, plates, sheets, films, wood and plastic, etc
Product process

Poly (meth) acrylics (ACR) processing aid, by one or several types of polymerized units of acrylic esters break through the polymer emulsion polymerization process, to accelerate the molten PVC to improve the melt strength and uniformity, reduce melt fracture and leakage, and no significant adverse effect on the mechanical properties of PVC, which is widely used in foreign countries outside the production of PVC, the type using different types of acrylic monomers and the ratio You can control the speed of ACR resin product plasticizing speed, high and low melt strength, while in the case of the same composition, the greater the intrinsic viscosity, the slower the plasticizer, the greater melt strength; acrylic processing aids for PVC products the tensile strength and Vicat softening point of no significant impact, the high viscosity of PVC products processing aids has been improved tensile strength and Vicat softening point of the trend.

Acrylic processing aids are widely used in all kinds of shapes, profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, sheets, film, wood and other transparent, non-transparent products.

Product Index
Model / index The intrinsic viscosityη,(25℃) Apparent density Volatile,(%)≤ Fineness of 30 mesh sieve through rate
401 3.50~5.00 0.45±0.10 1.50 ≥98%
120 2.0~4.0 0.45±0.10 1.50 ≥98%
125 4.5~6.5 0.45±0.10 1.50 ≥98%
Properties and Uses
Applications Characteristics
PVC profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, decorative plates, wood, plastic and other fields Outstanding processing properties and excellent thermal stability and dispersibility, give products excellent surface gloss.
Good plasticizing properties and melt flow properties
Excellent plasticizing performance, lower cost products can reduce the use of copies, particularly suitable for wood products.

Products should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, not close to heat source, not piled in the open air, to prevent moisture.


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