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What is the reason for the air leakage of upvc windows? What should I do about the air leakage of upvc windows?


Abstract: Upvc windows are a kind of doors and windows commonly used in modern decoration, but sometimes there will be air leakage. The phenomenon of window air leakage is more obvious in winter. Once the upvc windows leak air, the temperature in the home will drop, and people will feel very cold when they stay in the house. What about air leakage in upvc windows? How can we solve the problem of air leakage in windows? Let's find out together.

Causes and maintenance methods of upvc windows air leakage

1. Aging of sealing strip

Reason: upvc windows are basically designed with sealing strips. The sealing strips play an auxiliary role in heat preservation and sound insulation to a certain extent. Influenced by external factors, aging, etc., once the sealing strip is aging, the most direct thing is to cause the outside wind to come in, resulting in air leakage at the window position, which is often the most common situation.

Maintenance method: When encountering such a problem, it is relatively simple to repair. Just replace the door and window seals directly, and the price is also very cheap. You can usually buy them online, and you can just repair them directly at the original place.

2. The installation is not in place

Reason: In the window opening of the new house, the installation master is not experienced at home, which leads to incorrect installation process, so that the upvc windows are not horizontal on the left and right, and not vertical on the top and bottom, which leads to the air leakage of the windows. Of course, it cannot be seen after the installation. Yes, it often takes a little longer for the windows to deform, which is often very difficult to repair. Maybe in some places where there is air leakage, you can find materials to fill it, but the deformation is a process, and it takes a long time. It can also cause deformation.

Maintenance method: If the installation is really not in place, you can go to the decoration company for warranty if it can be guaranteed. If not, you need to spend your own money to reinstall a window.

3. The hardware is not strict

Reason: The hardware installation is not in place. After using it for some time, the lock is not tight for some reason, resulting in air leakage from the upvc windows.

Maintenance method: It is necessary to adjust the position of the hardware to solve the air leakage problem of the upvc windows. If there is no effect after debugging the hardware, you can consider replacing some hardware accessories. The specific replacement accessories should refer to the actual situation.

4. Layering

Reason: During maintenance, there will be air leakage at the diagonal corner of the bead. In the plastic window, each window frame has a set of drainage system. The outer drainage hole is connected to the cavity where the insulating glass is placed, and the cold air will drain along The hole enters the glass cavity. If the diagonal of the bead is not strict or the glue strip is missing, it will feel air leakage.

Maintenance method: Use sealant to seal the diagonal corners of the bead. The upvc windows adhesive strips will be aged, lost, or worn out due to the application time, and it is necessary to replace the aged adhesive strips or fill the missing adhesive strips.

5. Corner drop

Reason: If the corner of the window sash causes air leakage, it may be that the hollow glass of the window sash has a heavy weight. During installation, the gasket is not properly placed, which will cause the corner of the window sash to drop.

Maintenance method: For the less serious corner drop, you can reset it by adjusting the hardware. If the corner drop is serious, you need to remove the glass again, replace the glass pad, and install the window.

6. Between walls

Reason: If there is air leakage between the window frame and the wall, it is generally because there is floating dust at the junction of the window frame and the wall on the indoor side. The more dust there is, the more serious the air leakage will be.

Maintenance method: It is recommended to seal with glue. If the gap is large, you need to fill it with foam glue first, and then apply sealant. You can choose neutral silicone sealant or neutral silicone weather-resistant glue. easy to use.

7. Deformation

Maintenance method: If the window sash is deformed due to external force, causing air leakage, the longer its single rod, the greater the amount of deformation may be. First check the degree of deformation. This situation is not very serious. You can install an intermediate lock. to be corrected.

If the deformation is serious to a certain extent and it is difficult to repair, it may be necessary to replace the window sash. If the window leaks, you can't add wool strips or sealing strips on the window at will, which will make the window sash more deformed.