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Advantages and disadvantages of pvc folding doors, how to install pvc folding doors?


Abstract: There are many types of materials for folding doors, and pvc folding doors are a relatively common one. PVC folding doors are folding doors made of PVC as the main material. They are not only beautiful, but also practical and durable. They can also be folded when not in use, reducing the floor space as much as possible. They are mainly suitable for workshops, shopping malls, and office buildings. , showrooms and home decoration and other places. Let's learn about the advantages and disadvantages of pvc folding doors and the installation knowledge of pvc folding doors.

First, the advantages of pvc folding doors

1. Excellent decorative effect

PVC folding doors are very suitable for kitchens, balconies, workshops, and office buildings. They are beautiful and generous, with colorful styles. They are also very easy to fold and easy to take care of at ordinary times.

2. Light weight

Due to its raw materials, PVC folding doors are lighter than aluminum alloy folding doors. They are lightweight and do not take up space, and are suitable for families with small apartment sizes.

3. Good processing performance

PVC folding doors can be processed into large sizes and complex cross-sectional shapes with high dimensional accuracy, and the processing technology of PVC folding doors is relatively simple.

4. Strong corrosion resistance

PVC folding doors are also relatively simple to install. PVC folding doors also inherit many advantages of PVC materials, so they are more wear-resistant, moisture-proof, simple and atmospheric, so now many people choose to install balconies and kitchens.

5. The pvc folding door is environmentally friendly

Waste plastic products are easy to recycle and have a high utilization rate. There is no environmental pollution problem in the process of making PVC folding doors.

Second, the disadvantages of pvc folding doors

1. There are inevitably gaps between the hinges of the PVC folding door, so there is a slight deficiency in heat preservation and sealing.

2. PVC folding doors are often pushed and folded, so the requirements for hardware parts are very high, especially for hinges and rollers, and high-quality hardware parts should be purchased.

3. How to install pvc folding door

1. Find a suitable position and install the track. According to the position where you want to install the folding door, draw a mark on the door frame, measure whether the length of the track is suitable, and saw off the excess with a saw. Put the bundled folding door into the track, as far as possible in the middle, to prevent slipping during installation. After determining the opening direction of the folding door, fix the track on the wall or the door frame with screws, the order is first the middle and then the two sides. If it is driven into the cement wall, the screw holes must be drilled in advance. After the track is installed, the folding door can be unlocked.

2. Install the fixed card position. Lay the fixed card position on the door frame in the direction in which the folding door is folded. The straight line where the fixed card position is located is 90 degrees to the upper track. Put the folding door away, and carefully buckle the rear frame of the folding door into the fixed card slot from top to bottom to complete the installation.

3. Install the iron-absorbing plate, pull the folding door open, compare the position of the iron-absorbing stone on the door, and determine the position of installing the iron-absorbing plate on the wall or door frame. After determining the position of the iron absorbing plate, drill a hole with a percussion drill to a depth of about four centimeters, and then drive it into the rubber sleeve. Hold the iron-absorbing plate in hand, align the hole on it with the center of the rubber sleeve hole, screw the screw into the rubber sleeve with a screwdriver, fix the iron-absorbing plate, and install the remaining iron-absorbing plates in the same way.

4. Install the door handle Pull up the handle cover, fix both sides of the handle with screws, close the handle cover, and the installation is complete.