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Is the bathroom folding door good? Key Points for Choosing Bathroom Folding Doors


Abstract: Buying a house is just what many people need, but due to rising housing prices and the pressure of life, most people will choose a small apartment when buying a house. However, the area of the small apartment is relatively small, and the bathroom is generally relatively small. In order to save space, convenient and compact folding doors are naturally a popular choice. But many people will ask, is the bathroom folding door good? What are the pros and cons? Are there any points for choosing a bathroom folding door? Next, let's take a look with the editor.

1. Advantages of bathroom folding doors

1. Fashionable and novel

Folding doors are novel in style, fashionable and beautiful, easy to use, and can effectively save indoor space. They are widely used in entrances, restaurants, balconies, etc., and are favored by more and more families. In our daily life, some families take advantage of the many advantages of folding doors. In addition to applying folding doors to bedrooms and balconies, they also apply folding doors to bathrooms to form a new type of bathroom folding doors. This design not only brings fashion into It also adds a certain decorative effect to the overall design of the home.

2. Good ventilation effect and save space

Compared with other doors, the bathroom folding door has better ventilation effect due to its own performance, thus effectively ensuring a clean and tidy indoor environment in the bathroom. Secondly, the bathroom folding door occupies a small space, effectively saving indoor The space is very suitable for the needs of small-sized families with compact areas.

2. Disadvantages of bathroom folding doors

Although folding doors have many advantages, there are certain benefits in applying them to the bathroom, but this situation only exists in a small number of families. So why do most families not use folding doors in the bathroom?

1. Fragile, poor privacy and confidentiality

Although the folding door is beautiful and stylish, it is not appropriate to use it in a relatively private place in the family. The bathroom is a place with high frequency of use in the home. After a long time of pushing and pulling the folding door, it is easy to cause deformation or even fail to push. At this time, you can see the internal usage from the outside of the folding door. Imagine, If you're using a broken folding door, where's the privacy? It's scary to think about it.

2. Breeding bacteria

The bathroom is the place with the most moisture in the family, and the folding door is exposed to moisture for a long time after being used for a long time. If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to breed bacteria, which poses a certain threat to human health, and the folding door is also in cleaning and maintenance. Not very convenient, it is not a wise move to install in the bathroom.

3. Poor insulation performance

The folding door of the bathroom will inevitably produce gaps when the material is connected. It is necessary to purchase a curtain to cover it. If such a folding door is installed in the bathroom, the thermal insulation performance is poor, which will affect the normal use of the indoor space. If you are not careful, you will be sick. Accompanied.

3. Key points for purchasing bathroom folding doors

1. Choose according to the space

The size of the bathroom in each family is not fixed. Generally speaking, if the space of our bathroom is relatively large, it will be damp at the entrance under normal circumstances. This kind of bathroom is better to choose the door. It is suitable for any kind of bathroom. Bathroom folding door, but we choose it according to the decoration style of the home; if the bathroom area is relatively small, then the door is not so optional, the specific choice is the material of the door.

2. Choose according to the material

Generally, the materials of our common doors on the market include plastic steel doors, steel plate-faced wood cores, aluminum-titanium alloy materials, and stainless steel with glass. Doors of these materials have different performances and characteristics. For example, plastic steel doors can let us The more reliable door, it can be completely waterproof, but the disadvantage is that it is not very beautiful; the performance of stainless steel and glass is better, and it is also more beautiful, but the price is relatively high.

3. Choose according to waterproof performance

We all know that the bathroom has the most water vapor and is relatively humid, so when we buy it, it is different from ordinary doors. When we choose, we must check the waterproof of the door. As a result, if we don't check it, it is easy to get water in the later stage, and the door will become moldy for a long time, especially for wooden doors. It depends on whether its waterproof coating is perfect.